EMVIES extracts enthusiastic response: Apurva Purohit

EMVIES extracts enthusiastic response: Apurva Purohit

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, May 28,2004 7:42 AM

EMVIES extracts enthusiastic response: Apurva Purohit

As the final day of accepting entries for EMVIES closes in, people at the helm of affairs express that the response this year has already exceeded those in the previous years. “The change is not just in the number of entries but also in the kind of entries, there is a definitive improvement both in quality and quantity. Needless to say I am pretty excited,” informs Apurva Purohit, Chairperson, EMVIES Committee.

With the final date only four days away, the EMVIES committee has a clear idea that EMVIES this year has created a stronger buzz in the industry. All eyes are now on who would be the ultimate winners.

Purohit explains that there has been substantial response from the channels, wherein not only entries for the channel on the whole have been submitted but also work done for specific programmes has come in. In case of research too, apart from the usual works sent from media agencies, entries this time have competition from research agencies themselves.

As is known, EMVIES this year introduced four new categories. As per Purohit, this has also played an important role in boosting the media response further. She divulges, “In context to categories, the ‘never-before used media’ has attracted a lot of attention. Most entries are non-typical of the awards and this means newer sections showing interest. In effect, this takes the popularity and the acceptance of the award further.”

Purohit also expresses that the number of entries that are coming in might just lead to a week’s extension of the final date of receiving the entries. Says she, “We are constantly receiving requests from people to extend the dates so that they can work on the entries some more in terms of presenting it better. But we have not decided anything on this yet.”

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