EMVIES 2008: Judges call for improvement in quality of entries

EMVIES 2008: Judges call for improvement in quality of entries

Author | Nitin Sharma | Tuesday, Jul 08,2008 8:22 AM

EMVIES 2008: Judges call for improvement in quality of entries

The first round of judging for EMVIES 2008 was held on July 7. Organised by the Ad Club Bombay, EMVIES recognise and award the most outstanding media initiatives developed over the year gone by. Though the judges are positive about the number of entries this year, they have called for improvement in all the categories, both from the media planners’ and agencies’ perspectives.

Jasmin Sohrabji, Managing Director, OMD, one of the judges in the media strategy category, felt that the quality of entries hadn’t improved since last year. “I would say there has been some progress, but not of kind that one could easily take notice of,” she said, adding, “There are too many entries that have come in different categories. For me, the presentation style in each entry has to be unique to the category, and at the same time be crisp and focused as per the entry.”

M&C Saatchi’s Rakshin Patel said, “There has been a lot happening in the digital domain, and I guess the media planners are now giving its due importance, but it is important that media planners get the hang of the technology so that they can communicate effectively with the target audience.” On the quality of the entries, she said that it was on rise.

Commenting on the entries in Direct Marketing category, Patel said that this year the quality of the entries was “not path breaking”.

Chandradeep Mitra, President, Mudra Max, was one of the judges for the Radio and Cinema categories. Commenting on the quality of entries in radio, he said, “One noticeable thing is that there has been a lot of use of RJs in delivering brand messages.” Commenting on the entries in Cinema, he said, “50 per cent are just product placements. Cinema can be a good medium if one takes into account merchandising aspects in cinema, and also looking at integrating a brand in the film rather then just placing brand in the movie without any content.”

Being positive of repeating her success is Nandini Dias, COO, Lodestar Media, who said, “For the past four years, Mindshare has always been our close competitor. Last time, we won, and this time, too, we are hoping that we will win. The quality of entries in ‘Media Strategy’ has improved since last year, especially in the writing part.”

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