EMVIES 2008: Case study presentations conclude; stage set for Awards clash

EMVIES 2008: Case study presentations conclude; stage set for Awards clash

Author | Nitin Sharma | Wednesday, Jul 23,2008 8:36 AM

EMVIES 2008: Case study presentations conclude; stage set for Awards clash

Case study presentations continued on day two at EMVIES 2008. The remaining 26 case studies were presented on July 22. The day began with an inaugural speech by Bipin Pandit and Apurva Purohit, who thanked the judges for their time and did a quick recap of the first day’s proceedings. The judges continued to be impressed by the work. With all the case study presentations over, now everyone is looking for the winners.

Of the total 26 case studies that were presented on July 22, 13 were categoried under the Best Media Strategy – viz. Consumer Products, Consumer Durables, Services and Media Property, The rest were categorised under Best Media Innovation – viz. TV, Direct Marketing and Radio.

The day saw case studies like Amul - Going against the flow & succeeding; Vodafone- Vodafone launch in India; Star Movies- Jack Out of the box; Wheel- Wheel Smart Shrimati Ke Nuske; Reliance Power IPO- Reliance Power On India On; and Safola (World Heart Day)- Radio Mumbai- Bringing Mumbai together, being applauded by one and all.

Commenting on the one-on-one claims by the presenters, Chandradeep Mitra, President, Mudra Max, said, “I think it should be taken in the right spirit. People are having fun and I am impressed with the over all quality of presentations. More than the quality of content, it is the quality of presentation that has improved a lot. What is more encouraging is that young people are taking over the baton of presentations, which for me, is the biggest and the happiest discovery.”

He further said, “The packaging of the presentations will make an impression on the audience as they are eyeing for the audience awards, but as far as the judges are concerned, presentations are secondary to the written copy. The presenters do have an impact on the entry, but that is much to do with the audience as they are competing for the audience awards, whereas the judges will more or less go by the written copy.”

Mitra also sounded very confident of his own entry – Reliance Power IPO – as he said, “I am very optimistic, mainly because it came out very strong as it broke three world records in the financial market and managed to amass Rs 750,000 crore, which is a lot of money that people were ready to pay for an impactful media activity.”

Likewise Lakshmi Goyal, Senior Vice President, Head Brand, Media and Marketing Research, HSBC, said, “Every year the quality of entries have gone only higher, and this year, especially the way the entries have been presented, have been absolutely fantastic, as each and every presenter has done his/her homework on both the creative and design aspects.”

“I think we should not be fussy about the comments that were being made by the fellow presenters as it is all in the spirit of the game, and secondly, what’s a bit of competition without a bit of muscle in it?” he asked.

According to Nandini Dias, COO, Lodestar, “Compared to Day 1, Day 2 had a lot of energy as each of the agencies put in a lot of effort in the presentation, and it is heartening to see the young people who have worked on the brands coming away to give the presentations.”

She further said, “This year, we have seen a lot of large advertisers making an entry at the EMVIES, more so because of the strength of the money, which is why their cases have come up.” Dias is very positive about the Amul campaign winning n Award on July 28.

Sharing his views on the quality of the entries, LV Krishnan, CEO, TAM Media Research, said, “ It is interesting to see new innovations coming up in the radio category, and especially when innovation leads to better returns for the brands. I am sure the category has done pretty well this year.”

He further said, “Ideas like Saffola (World Heart Day)- Radio Mumbai- Bringing Mumbai together, was one the ideas that is a phenomenal one, and credit should go to the agency that came up with an initiative of bringing together different radio stations on one platform.”

Speaking on radio as a medium, Krishnan noted, “We are doing comparatively well when compared to the rest of the world, as we have an unparalleled set-up of talent which is creating innovative communication programmes in the media agencies, wherein radio is being used as a media vehicle. So radio as a medium is all set for fantastic growth in the future.”

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