Emvies 2007: The aftermath – a closely fought battle and some serious food for thought

Emvies 2007: The aftermath – a closely fought battle and some serious food for thought

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Jul 02,2007 8:36 AM

Emvies 2007: The aftermath – a closely fought battle and some serious food for thought

The Emvies 2007 probably saw the most closely fought battle in the history of this media awards with little difference in the final points between the first three agencies. Where Lodestar Universal reclaimed the ‘Best Media Agency of the Year’ title after two years, O&M offered some food for thought on the changes in the advertising domain.

The work done by Lodestar Universal in the areas of research and strategy for clients like Nerolac, Radio City, Madura’s Van Huesen, and Toogle, the smartest search engine on television, got the agency its ‘Best Media Agency of the Year’ title.

For the agency, this title comes back after two years. While Lodestar was the Agency of the Year at the Emvies in 2004, the years 2005 and 2006 belonged to MindShare. According to Nandini Dias, COO, Lodestar Universal, it was the change in the agency’s strategy to move beyond just media and get into clients’ businesses, and hence offer business solutions to clients that had paid off for the agency.

Explaining more specifically, she said, “Labcentre has been doing cutting edge work for us, but Toogle really takes the measuring standard far beyond TRPs. The case of Radio City is similar too – we worked on mood maps for them, what was working or not in the fixed point charts and so on, as opposed to just giving them a media plan. For Nerolac, we didn’t just place the brand in a show, we literally created a whole show for them. In all, we are looking beyond the traditional media space and that has played a role in giving us recognition for the work that we have done.”

O&M’s performance at Emvies 2007 also leads to an interesting point. This is not the first year that creative agencies have made a presence at the Emvies. O&M has given quite a fight to media agencies in the media domain and has won itself the Grand Emvie this year – that is worth a second look.

What are creative agencies doing in media awards? Madison Communication’s Sam Balsara gave a broader angle here. He said, “A creative agency can participate in media awards. Why not? It does blur the line of who is doing what and maybe, in today’s time when everyone is looking for path breaking solutions, that is what is happing too. The question, however, really is whether creative agencies are looking at research and data and other such means to give media solutions to clients. I don’t think they are doing that.”

Various officials from media agencies commented that O&M’s presentation skill also had done the trick for the agency to a large extent.

Senior officials have time and again pointed at the collaboration between media and creative agencies, and that there are cases when a perfect media solution can be reached from either quarter. However, are Indian agencies there yet, given that there aren’t too many path breaking media solutions that we are seeing from media or creative agencies in India already?

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