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Emvies 2007: Communication strategy lies at the heart of business strategy, says Mike Wilson

Emvies 2007: Communication strategy lies at the heart of business strategy, says Mike Wilson

Author | Rishi Vora | Thursday, Jun 21,2007 8:45 AM

Emvies 2007: Communication strategy lies at the heart of business strategy, says Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson, Managing partner, Naked Communications, was invited by The Advertising Club of Bombay to give a presentation at the second day of Emvies 2007. He started of his presentation by explaining truths that he feels each media or creative person should know before embarking upon a campaign. One of such truths focussed on the fact that advertising is only a part of communication and the media needs some reconsideration.

“The medium of communication can be anything. It can be the receptionist in your office that takes calls in a particular manner,” Wilson explained. He further added that there is a need to think of people as partners. “Stop thinking of the consumer as a passive receiver of your branding message. Consider him as your partner in the communication process and you will see the results,” he said.

Wilson added that advertising clutter is increasing day by day and it is getting tougher for the consumer to connect with brands. “Twenty years ago, there were fewer channels; 10 years ago there was increasing clutter. Some five years ago, there was ad avoidance. But today consumers are directing the message and are choosing their own content,” explained Wilson, on the changing roles of media in the communication process.

Talking about the future of the communication model, Wilson elaborated that it would get more complex and fragmented in times to come. He further emphasised on the need for a formula. His formula for a better communication model revolves around ‘Creative + Science + Integrity’. “Creativity is an art; media is more towards science; and, integrity is both an art and science,” he remarked.

Wilson ended the session with a presentation of his ‘Hypnomarketing’ campaign for Icon Clothing’s ‘Golf Punk’ that won a Bronze Promo Lion at Cannes 2007. He explained that to ensure the media and have consumers belief Hypnomarketing’s legitimacy, they created logos, established an office, employed an actor as GM, built a website to explain the process, and invited people to live events.

At these events, the agency’s hypnotist hypnotised people and led the audience and the assembled media to believe that those hypnotised would become lifelong Golf Punk advocates. Golf Punk appeared in all communications; first subtly, then more blatantly as consumers became more engaged. Sharing some of the media coverage received from Australia’s media, Wilson divulged that it got recognised from radio stations, newspapers and thousands of blogs.

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