EMVIES 2006: Media fraternity looks forward to the big day

EMVIES 2006: Media fraternity looks forward to the big day

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Jun 12,2006 7:13 AM

EMVIES 2006: Media fraternity looks forward to the big day

With the case study presentations just two days away, the media fraternity is preparing to put its best foot forward for the EMVIES 2006. Most of the top agencies are in line to bag the coveted ‘Media Agency of the Year’ award. Industry leaders believe that EMVIES is the only platform that recognises and awards efforts in the media domain.

Speaking on the reaction from the industry thus far, Apurva Purohit, Chairperson of EMVIES, said, “EMVIES is the only platform where some of the initiatives taken in the media domain can be showcased to the fraternity. It’s not just awards, but it is a learning, and I think from that point of view, the media industry has supported the EMVIES more every year.”

Purohit believed that the EMVIES had been reflective of the changes in the media industry. “Media is experiencing changes with new methods coming in traditional media and non-traditional media raising its head. Media feedback and self analysis has led us to imbibe these changes in the awards and that is one of the reasons why it has the support of agency heads and new comers coming in the industry,” she said.

Industry leaders echo Purohit’s sentiments. MediaCom’s President, Jasmin Sohrabji, explained more on points that she thought had worked in favour of the EMVIES. She said, “Over the years, the EMVIES has grown from being an event where only the top two-three agencies participated. It now sees interest from many more agencies. In that sense the representation is that much more widespread.”

Lodestar Media’s Arpita Menon added here, “The thing about a media award is that there is real work that goes in the entry. As you are aware, for the creative side of the business, some awards are actually made just with the purpose of awards. Has media awards reached that stage? They just cannot. You can’t have scam ads as far as media is concerned. Given this constraint, there has been more participation this year than earlier and that goes on the show that there is real work happening in the domain that people are actually proud of.”

The Media Edge’s Anupriya Acharya believed that EMVIES had grown in stature and had become one more avenue that the industry looked forward to year-on-year. However, she was quick to add that it was still not a platform that people kept in mind in course of their daily day work. She said, “Speaking for myself, I don’t think that people work with the objective of winning an EMVIE. You do good work and awards are incidental. But yes, when they have won an EMVIE, they talk about it.”

ACNielsen’s Badrinath is a firm fan of the awards. He said, “Since the inception of the awards, it has grown in stature and scale. EMVIES has reached a stage where it matters to have an EMVIE.”

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