Emvies 2005: Srivastava & Sakhuja thrilled with MindShare bagging Agency of the Year Award

Emvies 2005: Srivastava & Sakhuja thrilled with MindShare bagging Agency of the Year Award

Author | Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia | Friday, Jun 24,2005 7:47 AM

Emvies 2005: Srivastava & Sakhuja thrilled with MindShare bagging Agency of the Year Award

MindShare has bagged the coveted title of ‘Agency of the Year’ at Emvies. They lost the title to Lodestar Media and getting it back sure has Srivastava and Sakhuja thrilled. In a conversation with Saurabh Niranjan Turakhia of exchange4media, the duo speaks more on what the award means to them and what is the target next year.

How do you feel winning the ‘Media Agency of the Year’ Award?

VS: I feel absolutely excited and am on a fantastic high right now. The entire team is behind this and I want to thank and congratulate them on it.

Were you expecting this?

AS: We were. We have had a great show on international forums also and a lot of good work is happening here as well. The teams are going great with victories in four categories.

VS: Yes. We sent across 50 entries and the short listed ones are entries that we too expected to do well at the Emvies. If you see the statistics, one fourth of them got short listed and of the 11, we won nine – I think that is a great hit rate.

Does an Emvies award encourage the agency to do better work?

AS: It’s good to have recognition as it helps. However, the ultimate recognition comes from a satisfied client. The award is like the icing on the cake.

VS: At the end of the day an award is all about good work being recognised. It’s similar to the feeling of a kid when he comes first in exams. Above all, we are on a motivational high. The enthusiasm of the team reflects the spirit of triumph and joy.

While MindShare had 11 shortlisted entries, Maxus had 3. How do you view this difference?

AS: This can be attributed to the fact that MindShare works with many more clients. Maxus is growing, without doubt. With three short-listed entries and winning two, which is decent.

Last year, you entered as GroupM. However, this year as separate agencies. Why?

AS: That is the desired objective. GroupM is just like WPP- it’s there at the back to provide support to each agency, to put in timely resources and to facilitate things. However, GroupM is not an agency. The agency is MindShare, Maxus, MediaCom and Media Edge, which today have their own networks. It is time that they operate independently and that is what we are doing.

What are your expectations for the next year awards?

AS: It’s very simple. The top 4 media agencies should be MindShare, Maxus, Mediacom and Mediaedge. We would not like to be known as the No. 1 agency. The ideal situation is to be known as no. 1 because of good work, rather than being known as no.1 and expected to do good work. Ultimately it is good work that elevates any organisation.

VS: Well, this is a really tough one to talk about, but let’s put it this way- We will be there.

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