EMVIES – What does the media think?

EMVIES – What does the media think?

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Apr 26,2004 8:09 AM

EMVIES – What does the media think?

The EMVIES are here and media agencies are already contemplating what they would showcase to win the jury this time. In the growing Indian media industry, EMVIES are the only awards appreciating the independent function of the media. Since the time of its inception, the EMVIES have grown and we did some talking to see how the media fraternity views these awards.

The coming in of the EMVIES reflected the growth of the media industry. Where media emerged as a separate arm in the processes of communication, EMVIES stamped the development and that is one fact that every member of the industry recognises. “EMVIES acknowledge media as a standalone and that itself means a boost to the industry,” expresses Punitha Arumugam, CEO, Madison Media (West), “In that sense, I think its presence plays a very positive role for the media.”

Echoing a similar belief, Arpita Menon, National Media Director, Lodestar Media remarks, “It feels great to finally have an industry platform where good work can be showcased and of course recognised. It took a couple of years but media as a function has finally grown enough in complexity and importance to merit its own awards.”

“Its like TAM, a single currency, nothing challenges it in the present scenario. The gesture to put together something like this is what should be appreciated too,” says Manish Porwal, General Manager, Investments and New Initiatives, Starcom.

In the past three years, EMVIES has evolved and grown bigger and more comprehensive. Nonetheless, being the only one of its kind currently, is there anything about the awards that can be worked on? “It is quite perfect, but probably a category on media person of the year could be added,” replies Menon.

Jasmin Sohrabji, President, MediaCom (South Asia) offers, “There appears to be a very fine line in the understanding of what constitutes 'research' and 'strategy'. Often, a good media strategy is being submitted as 'research'. I think some clear guidelines could be provided and adhered to on that.”

“Most media innovations happen with the complete support of media owners,” observes Pradeep Iyengar, Vice President, Carat, “Sometimes the ideas germinate there. I think EMVIES should take the awards a step forward and recognise this as well.”

One point that Indian media industry recognises is the contribution that EMVIES has made to Indian media. Sohrabji remarks, “EMVIES will over time, expose the industry to the range, scale and quality of media work that exists here.” “EMVIES definitely puts you in a better shape,” puts in Iyengar, “Your idea and your effort is recognised and that feels good!”

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