Effies and Yahoo! India make a perfect synergy

Effies and Yahoo! India make a perfect synergy

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Thursday, Oct 21,2004 8:18 AM

Effies and Yahoo! India make a perfect synergy

The Effie Awards is the symbol of effective advertising and a tribute to the client–agency partnership that it strives to create. By associating itself with the Effie Awards for the third time in a row, Yahoo! India completes a hat trick of sorts.

Reflecting on the mileage Yahoo! India has derived from the awards per se, Neville Taraporewalla, Country Manager, Yahoo! India, states, “The Effie Awards provide a common meeting ground for agencies, media planners and clients. Yahoo! India owes the rising graph of its online advertisers across sectors to the innovations of its creative team, coupled with strategic initiatives like sponsorship of the Effie Awards. And on the creative and delivery side, the front-page innovations of Yahoo! have become a huge success across all 24 countries where Yahoo! operates.”

Reflecting more on the reasons behind the ongoing sponsorship of Effies, Taraporewalla divulges, “Through forums like the Effie Awards, we have strived to promote not only Yahoo! India as a brand but the effectiveness of the Internet medium as a whole. Yahoo! India has been the first off the blocks, launching innovative options to achieve marketing objectives that capture the mindshare of online users. We are very excited to be playing a huge role in moving the industry needle in this effort. I believe the past two years have been exciting and fruitful not only for Yahoo! India but to the online advertising industry in the country in general.”

And as the show must go on, this partnership too will go on. “We will continue in our efforts to promote the effectiveness of the online medium and as mentioned earlier, the Effies provide us with the apt platform in doing so.” he concludes.

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