Effies 2016 sees 21% increase in entries over last year

Effies 2016 sees 21% increase in entries over last year

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Thursday, Dec 15,2016 9:26 AM

Effies 2016 sees 21% increase in entries over last year

The much awaited Effie Awards 2016 slated to take place on Friday in Mumbai this week have seen a 21% growth in award entries this year.Vikram Sakhuja, Awards Chairman, EFFIES 2016 and MitrajIt Bhattacharya, Awards Co-Chairman EFFIES 2016 talk about participation and shortlists this year, further scaling client involvement,  celebrating ‘Great Work that Works’ by taking out a roadshow in early 2017 of award winning work across key cities and more…………

With 250 shortlists across 25 categories, over 32 Agencies, including 3 Media Agencies; and over 60 Clients have their work shortlisted to win an EFFIE this Friday, reveals Vikram Sakhuja, Chairman, EFFIES 2016.

With the EFFIES in its 16th edition in India, Mitrajit Bhattacharya, Co-Chairman, EFFIES 2016 looks forward to see much more scale and representation this year. “The idea is not to do different things but try and do same things better, hopefully,” he adds.

“We are very delighted to share that the numbers are up by more than 21% over last year,” says Bhattacharya proudly.

Without divulging too much, Sakhuja says that “in the shortlists, you will see fantastic pieces of habit change, attitude change, message being the medium, guerrilla warfare, goose bumpy films, human interest stories that drove businesses and cause marketing at its best.”

To which Bhattacharya adds, “Once the shortlists are out on you can get a flavor of the work that worked in the marketplace this year."

While there are no new categories added this year, the format for the show will remain the same as before. 

Sakhuja believes that the best way to get client support as well as build the credibility of the Awards is by involving more and more clients in the jury. “Our attempt has been to draw 2/3rd of the jury from Clients and 1/3rd from Agencies. This year additionally we would like to celebrate the ‘Great Work that Works’ by taking out a roadshow in early 2017 of award winning work across key cities,” he elaborates. 

Bhattacharya adds that the credibility of the awards makes it easy to attract quality jury who are industry thought leaders and experts. “More than just the numbers, we are very happy to see the quality of jury across all the three centres - Mumbai, Delhi & Bengaluru,” he says.

Elaborating on how the Effies will be different this year, Sakhuja affirms that the awards night will start on time unlike the previous years. “We want people to come in by 6:30pm, enjoy some apertifs, and we will start at 7pm. We hope to keep the show tight and allow time at the end to celebrate the winners and party the night away. We will respect time.”

Sakhuja also hopes to “infuse some elements that give a flavor of what winning effectiveness looks like rather than just have people coming and receiving awards.”

Speaking about how EFFIES will scale up further, Bhattacharya discloses that they intend to extend the EFFIES beyond the awards. “Post the awards in Mumbai, the plan is to do roadshows across key cities showcasing the winning work from EFFIES this year. This will allow us to reach out to marketing/ ad professionals who missed attending the event in Mumbai,” he says. 

Sakhuja insists that the hero of this show is not the bells and whistles but the work that works.

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