Education sans classrooms: The power of Idea

Education sans classrooms: The power of Idea

Author | exchange4media Bangalore Bureau | Thursday, Jul 03,2008 8:08 AM

Education sans classrooms: The power of Idea

After settling a caste dispute in an innovative way and helping an over-eager guide communicate with a hearing impaired foreign tourist, the latest Idea campaign highlights another socially relevant cause – ‘Education for all’. The common thread in these three campaigns is brand ambassador Abhishek Bachchan, who imparts a warmth and touch of humour to the campaigns.

The latest campaign highlights the power of mobile telephony to address the theme of education for all, especially for those who either can’t afford or don’t have access to good educational institutions.

Sanjeev Aga, Managing Director, Idea Cellular, said, “Idea is redefining mobile telephony standards through its reach, connectivity and value-added features. We believe strongly that new ideas can change our lives, a thought that has been central to our brand promise from the beginning.”

R ‘Balki’ Balakrishnan, Chairman & Creative Officer, Lowe, explained, “The Idea campaigns have been specifically tailored to bring mobile telephony closer to the Indian consumers. By integrating a social message into the new campaign, we are not only reinforcing the difference that can be made through the use of modern technology, but also the power of a new idea.”

The latest campaign has Abhishek Bachchan playing a priest and the head of an educational institution. He is disturbed when he sees a poor man, who wants his granddaughter admitted to his institution, being shooed off because admissions are full. He faces the complex issue of providing education to all because of the lack of physical amenities like classrooms. But he hits upon an innovative ‘idea’, wherein he sets up mobile handsets in his classrooms through which the teachers are able to impart lessons to children in far flung areas. The TVC ends with the young priest looking up with a smile, saying ‘What an Idea, Sirji’.

The current campaign takes forward from its earlier campaign involving the tourist guide at the Taj Mahal and a physically challenged tourist, which highlighted the theme ‘Everyone can communicate campaign’ and opened the avenue of mobile telephony.

The focus of the campaign is to show the power of an idea by looking at mobile telephony and what it can do, in a way that’s fresh, imaginative and elevating.

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