Dr Pramath Sinha, Vikas Gupta announce launch of 9.9 Media

Dr Pramath Sinha, Vikas Gupta announce launch of 9.9 Media

Author | Indrani Sinha | Tuesday, Dec 11,2007 6:53 AM

Dr Pramath Sinha, Vikas Gupta announce launch of 9.9 Media

The news is finally out. Dr Pramath Raj Sinha, who recently quit The ABP Group, would continue to be in the media domain with the launch of 9.9 Media, as Founder and Managing Director. NDTV Profit is in an exclusive media alliance with 9.9 Insight, which is a venture of 9.9 Media. The company and the Sao Paulo-based Jai Group will also work together to consult companies in India and Brazil looking at investing in the two markets.

9.9 Media was launched in September this year, but a public announcement of its launch was made on December 10. Based in Delhi with a pan-Indian presence, the other founders of 9.9 Media are Vikas Gupta, Asheesh Gupta and Anuradha Das Mathur.

Dr Sinha, Founder and MD of 9.9 Media said, “Our attempt is to build new businesses in both traditional and the new media space, but what we bring to the table is the right kind of leadership and talent that have so far been scarce in this industry and which is required to capture the opportunities that are available.”

Vikas Gupta, Founder, 9.9 Media, said, “The key driving reason is to get to work with each other as well as the opportunity to work with high quality professionals in an entreprenual environment.”

The different ventures of 9.9 Media include 9.9 Insights, which will offer high quality and relevant content to selected communities of professionals and organisations through multiple formats – reports, briefings, conferences, expos, publications, and online. It will focus on horizontal and vertical communities in the burgeoning world of Indian business.

Some of the horizontal communities are CFOs and CEOs of mid-size and high-growth Indian companies. Similarly, their vertical communities are aligned with an industry specialisation such as environment, media, and healthcare. Besides India, 9.9 Insights would also offer these services in Brazil, where the company has a local presence. 9.9 Insights is also in the process of launching India’s first speaker bureau.

9.9 Digital, which will house all the online initiatives, will also use a ‘specialist attacker’ strategy to launch online businesses that exploit profitable niche segments or services drawing inspiration from other successful models from abroad or in India. It will also offer B2B off-shore services related to content development and publishing – print, electronic and online – to clients in the US through its Pittsburgh office.

9.9 Print will launch print publications in new genres and formats to capture value from the ongoing growth in this industry in India, while 9.9 Ventures will serve as the company’s vehicle to invest in and acquire media-related businesses that it can add value to.

9.9 Studio will represent the company’s foray into filmed entertainment – TV and films – for traditional and new forms of distribution. Initially, they would stick to the production part of the value chain and in future plan to build a professionally-driven production house which would work with other independent producers in a studio-like relationship, adding value in concept development, financing, marketing, rights management, and distribution.

It might be recalled that soon after Dr Sinha’s departure from The ABP Group in August this year, Vikas Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer and President-Advertising Sales at The ABP Group, had also put in his papers. The others to follow were Asheesh Gupta, Vice President-Corporate Strategy and New Ventures, and Anuradha Das Mathur, CEO, BusinessWorld Intelligence.

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