Dotcoms use V-Day promos to boost traffic

Dotcoms use V-Day promos to boost traffic

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Dotcoms use V-Day promos to boost traffic

A host of Websites certainly hope love will go online-and allow them to cash in on the mush traffic by hosting V-Day promotions. The idea: to increase traffic to the site and win the hearts of surfers.

Take for example, which is offering attractive prizes-a trip to Mauritius, a four-day holiday in Goa, and diamond rings-for those who receive the maximum number of greetings through its site. Or, there is the ``Kill a Devil'' contest at All the user has to do is use the mouse to kill the devil and win gift hampers for the Valentine. In an obvious bid to pump up hits, is also hosting a `Send A Kiss' contest: every day, gifts are awarded to the surfer who sends the most number of kisses to his/her sweetheart from the site. The goodies include gift hampers from MantraOnline, and pearl necklaces from Fabmart.

Finally of course there is which is at the heart of the play-and-win business. The Gili's contest on this site for example is designed to drive traffic to the offline Gili showrooms through the online contest.

A gift coupon is then e-mailed to the user by The user can take a printout of the coupon to any Gili showroom. Any jewellery bought by the coupon-holder at the showroom comes with a free `Forever Yours' gold pendant.

Realising that such `freebies' may be too costly for some, is trying to build customer loyalty by offering cheap thrills: every registered member of this site gets to send flowers and chocolates to their Valentine for free.

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