Discovery to air 6-part reality adventure ‘Everest: Beyond The Limit’

Discovery to air 6-part reality adventure ‘Everest: Beyond The Limit’

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, May 10,2007 9:17 AM

Discovery to air 6-part reality adventure ‘Everest: Beyond The Limit’

Discovery Channel has embarked on a journey to show what it takes to be at the pinnacle. ‘Everest: Beyond The Limit’, a six-part series, will present every step of the gruelling April-May 2006 expedition to the 29,028-feet high Mount Everest by a group of people from different walks of life. The series premieres on May 12 and will be on air Saturday at 9 PM, with a repeat telecast the following Monday at 9 PM.

For ‘Everest: Beyond The Limit’, a 17-member production team followed an expedition of 11 climbers with three professional mountain guides, organised and led by New Zealand climber Russell Brice, who has a mountaineering experience of 25 years.

UK-based production house Tigress Productions was commissioned by Discovery Channel to film the expedition. The filming was done so with the help of cutting-edge techniques including high-altitude video technology and cameras mounted on helmets.

Said Deepak Shourie, EVP and Managing Director, Discovery Networks India, “For the first time ever in a television series, we will put viewers on the world’s tallest and most alluring peak that represents the ultimate test of human will and determination. From this unique vantage point, the intense danger surrounding this increasingly popular passion becomes startlingly clear -- we are presenting the mountain’s magnificence and intimidating terrain to viewers in the most real way possible.”

Viewers will see and hear climbers every step of the way as they deal with their own physical and mental struggles: an asthmatic man from Denmark who tries to reach the summit without oxygen support; a firefighter from Los Angeles making his second attempt to reach the summit, having previously mortgaged his motorcycle to pay for the climb; a Harley-Davidson motorcycle designer with metal plates and pins holding his spine, ankle and skull together, a result of a near-fatal bike crash; and an Oregon ER doctor on his first summit attempt.

Approximately 250 hours of footage were captured. The production team documented 11 climbers, 24 Sherpas and camp crew, and three professional mountain guides.

Angst-ridden and candid conversations among climbers give viewers an inside view of extreme adventurers facing very real health risks such as cerebral edema, frostbite, hypothermia, heart attacks and hallucinations, just to have one breathtaking moment at the top. Scientific knowledge presented in the series further explain the effects of altitude and extreme cold on the human body and the geography on Everest.

When asked about the channel’s reasons for having such a show, Shourie replied, “Our role is to bring to audiences programmes that inspire, something that people generally don’t see in various spheres and genres. This is a reality show and nothing of it has been created.”

The channel would be promoting this series only through the print media and ads on the channel.

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