Discovery Channel turns its focus on ‘Planet Earth’ with new show

Discovery Channel turns its focus on ‘Planet Earth’ with new show

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Tuesday, Jan 09,2007 9:14 AM

Discovery Channel turns its focus on ‘Planet Earth’ with new show

It is a show that was five years in the making and required nearly 40 cameramen across 200 locations. Discovery Channel is embarking on an exhaustive journey through the ‘third rock from the sun’ that we all consider home. The 11-part series, titled ‘Planet Earth’, will premiere in February 2007.

Rajiv Bakshi, Associate Director, Marketing and Communications, Discovery Networks, India, said, “We have covered Earth from different aspects. It is a documentation of its present areas, its species, and its landscapes, providing an understanding of it in totality, a 360-degree view of the Earth. There are many areas and species which we have also talked about that might be there tomorrow. What we have covered is so extensive that there isn’t much more according to us on the subject.”

“This is the reason why our channel is so popular. It is not just the subject that will arouse viewers’ interest, but also the way it is presented that it will. We have made the best use of photographic technique and computer graphics, and not given a simple presentation of facts, but made it a story-telling experience of the way animals live and migrate from one place to the other in search of food,” he added.

The show will combine action, scale, locations and intimate moments with the planet’s best-loved, wildest and most elusive creatures. From the highest mountains to the deepest rivers, the series will take viewers through an unforgettable journey, under challenging seasons and daily struggles for survival on some of the Earth’s most extreme habitats.

The show also uses high definition photography and unique filming techniques. It will be narrated by none other than Sir David Attenborough.

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