D&H Blurb eyes 50 pc growth this year

D&H Blurb eyes 50 pc growth this year

Author | Pallavi Goorha Kashyup | Wednesday, Mar 31,2010 8:36 AM

D&H Blurb eyes 50 pc growth this year

D&H Blurb has lined up some aggressive plans for 2010. The agency is eyeing a growth of 50 per cent this year. It also plans to open an office in Mumbai. These apart, D&H Blurb is also adopting a new mantra for this year, that of ‘bent thinking’.

Ajit Hoon, MD & CEO, D&H Blurb, elaborated, “On the business front, D&H Blurb expects to grow by 50 per cent this year. Part of the growth will come through some further consolidation of the Future Group business and part expected from new business wins. Currently, the group business handled by D&H Blurb includes Future Brands and Planet Sports from Delhi and Future Ideas from Mumbai.”

Hoon further said, “On the people front, in line with expected new business, D&H Blurb has hired Manas Nanda as Creative Director and Gautam Mehta, who was till now a part-time consultant, comes on board full time as Creative Director as well. They, along with Vaybhav Singh and Swami Anand Tirth, will now form the core of the creative offering.”

Both Nanda and Mehta have over 15 years’ experience nationally and internationally, and have won awards, including the One Show, London International Awards, New York Festival and D&AD. By the middle of this year D&H Blurb hopes to open its Mumbai office as well.

Seeing patterns in apparent chaos is the D&H Blurb new mantra for the year. They call it ‘Bent Thinking’. More than just a strategic tool, D&H Blurb is now applying this philosophy to creative development as well by hiring skills relevant to the problem at hand even at the time of creative ideation. These skills are hired from a pool of creative artisans (not the traditional creative people in an agency) that D&H Blurb is in the process of identifying.

Over the last year this mantra has been perfected as a strategic tool to creative development. The last few years have thrown up a completely new set of complexities and challenges for marketers, with the disruption and change caused by new technologies, new media, the simultaneity of globalisation and localisation, the pressure on traditional social structures leading to new social constructs and formations, indeed a whole new consumer. D&H Blurb believes that following a linear structured approach to creative development, analysing the category and its consumers for communication cues, is not beneficial anymore. Instead, D&H Blurb looks at solutions in a non-linear unstructured approach.

D&H Blurb’s ‘Rig’ campaign for utility clothing came from the understanding of the growing role the Internet plays in the lives of youngsters. The campaign, created for a mindset that the agency describes as the ‘armchair explorer’, has been featured in Communication Arts as one of the most creative pieces of visual communication.

Likewise, its ‘Dil se desi’ campaign for a mint offering came from the understanding of how working in BPOs and call centers affects behaviour amongst youngsters. They call this the beginning of ‘cultural schizophrenia’.

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