Desi add-on flavours to spice up Limca

Desi add-on flavours to spice up Limca

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Jun 22,2007 9:07 AM

Desi add-on flavours to spice up Limca

Coca-Cola is now toying with the idea of providing add-on local flavoured powders for its lemon drink Limca, inspired by consumers’ tendency to add salt and other ‘masala’. The company has just begun a test marketing of add-on powder in three flavours of jaljeera, mint and ginger to be offered for mixing with its lemon drink under the Limca Fresh Mix brand.

According to a Coca-Cola spokesperson, “The test marketing in Delhi began on June 16 with 20 sampling kiosks rotated across 77 locations in Delhi. The print advertising and radio support will support this marketing. Consumer feedback forms at all sampling locations will capture reactions on-ground, while video-filmed qualitative inputs will also be collected. All this information will then go into fine-tuning the various elements of Limca Fresh Mix, including communication elements.”

The spokesperson further explained that traditional research is always conducted in controlled conditions and therefore has limited accuracy. “Therefore, we came up with the idea of involving the consumer at a much deeper level by creating a micro-launch in Delhi, with all the elements of a real launch,” added the spokesperson.

Qualitative consumer research threw up interesting aspects of the way people consume Limca in peak summers. Due to its lemon-lime flavour, Limca is seen as a great thirst quencher to beat dehydration. Research by Coca-Cola found that consumers frequently add salt and various additives such as ginger, pudina (Mint) or other masala to enhance Limca’s taste, as well as to replenish lost salt content in peak heat. This ‘Masala Limca’ is a common concoction in UP, Punjab and other markets. From this consumer insight emerged the activation idea.

“Consumers are already buying these mixes from roadside outlets, which may or may not use good quality additives. Instead, we can give custom-made high quality branded powder mixes which the consumer can buy straight from a Limca outlet. These pouches will come in a variety of flavours to choose from, along with the Coca-Cola quality assurance. Thereafter, the Limca team came up with nature-inspired flavour powders on Limca -- jaljeera, mint and ginger,” explained the spokesperson.

The research was to get answers about consumers’ reactions to using the added flavour to Limca; to guage whether the proposition could be communicated in an easy-to-understand way; and whether the idea was scalable. A consumer test market initiative was then conceptualised in the form of a live demo to evaluate how this innovation would actually work on ground.

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