Dentsu to carry forward the ‘Mumbai Unbreakable’ campaign with a TVC

Dentsu to carry forward the ‘Mumbai Unbreakable’ campaign with a TVC

Author | Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy | Monday, Oct 16,2006 8:40 AM

Dentsu to carry forward the ‘Mumbai Unbreakable’ campaign with a TVC

Post the 7/11 blasts in local trains, every piece of baggage on all public transport gets scrutinised by thousands of fear-filled and suspicious eyes. In order to allay such fears, Mumbai Police has started a campaign – ‘Mumbai Unbreakable’ – wherein they are urging citizens to remain alert but not be overwhelmed with fear.

Designed by Adrian Mendonza, Executive Creative Director, Dentsu Marcom, the campaign has been launched through various mediums like print, outdoor, etc.

This massive campaign has already been launched through various mediums like hoardings, cinema slides, posters on public transport vehicles, etc. According to Mendonza, “The campaign has been well received by the public and the Mumbai Police has now approached us to make a TV commercial for the same.”

The campaign started after a quick research conducted among the general public by the agency, where they realised that Mumbai needed to be jolted out of its state of ‘accepting’ anything and everything and moving on. For this, the campaign had strong headlines like: ‘Don’t let terrorism travel on this bus/train’ and ‘Spare a minute. It can save many lifetimes’. The campaign also urged citizens to inform the authorities regarding any suspicious behaviour and unattended baggage through the numbers listed in the communication material.

Elaborating on the campaign, Mendonza said, “The ‘Mumbai Unbreakable’ campaign is a very simple concept that has been done with a certain spirit to wake up people in Mumbai against terrorism. This has been a labour of love. As a Mumbaikar, we felt good contributing our time and talent to this noble exercise.” Mendonza further said, “I am grateful to Ajay Salvi, my photographer-friend, and the various processors and printers who have willingly contributed to make this campaign highly visible.”

The predominant colours used for the campaign are black and red, which according to Mendonza, were used for creating ‘noticeability’ and ensure ‘clutter-break’. The universal message carried through the campaign has been that of citizens to stop and take notice of their surroundings for any suspicious activities before moving on.

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