Dentsu launches three specialist mobile agencies

Dentsu launches three specialist mobile agencies

Author | Pallavi Goorha Kashyup | Wednesday, Apr 28,2010 8:29 AM

Dentsu launches three specialist mobile agencies

Expanding its offering in India, Dentsu has launched three specialist mobile agencies – Mobimost, Softcell and Incelligence. The three agencies are a subset of Dentsu Digital but will operate under different brands. While Mobimost operates under Dentsu Creative Impact, Softcell operates under Dentsu Communications, and Incelligence operates under Dentsu Marcom.

Sandeep Goyal, Group Chairman, Dentsu India, elaborated, “We are actively perusing projects for different telecom operators under these three mobile specialist agencies. These agencies will have two roles to play – one role will be what a traditional a advertising agency plays, but specifically in the mobile space. Secondly, the universe of mobile is much larger. Inspite of escalating numbers, when it comes to services, usage is likely to have dipped after the plateau. While more and more Indians are taking to the mobile, there is a significant segment that cannot actually read or write, while they may be familiar with numerals. This category cannot use the SMS function. This shortcoming can be offset using voice-based solutions. We believe that the future of mobile usage is moving from data to voice. To this effect, we are developing voice activated solutions for the mobile, which are currently under incubation. The second role is that they will pitch for clients outside Dentsu. Each of them will get anchored to strong relationships with a large telco.”

The people in the Dentsu digital team comprise Krishna Prasad, Director, Dentsu Digital; Gaurav Luthra, Head – Content, Dentsu Digital; Akifumi Miyahara, Executive Vice-President – Media and Digital Development, Dentsu India; and Yutaka Kamoshita, Vice President, Dentsu Digital, Dentsu India. All of them report to Rajesh Aggarwal, President, Dentsu India.

Goyal further said, “It was the right time to launch these three new mobile specialist agencies as there is potential growth in 3G services, which are expected to roll out within six months.”

Talking about Japan as a market for digital, Goyal said, “Dentsu has had a joint venture with NTT Docomo. Then we started a mobile agency in Japan called ‘D2C’ in 2000. Dentsu started mobile advertising 10 years back in Japan. India has long way to go ahead to catch up with India.”

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