Dentsu India gets a new address in the Capital

Dentsu India gets a new address in the Capital

Author | Pallavi Goorha Kashyup | Wednesday, Jul 22,2009 9:13 AM

Dentsu India gets a new address in the Capital

Dentsu India is moving to a new corporate office on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 – Mogae House, 112 Udyog Vihar Phase IV, Gurgaon. The new office will be inaugurated by Yuzuru Kato, Executive Officer, Dentsu Inc, Tokyo.

Taking inspiration from Dentsu Inc’s global corporate philosophy of ‘Good Innovation’, the décor celebrates idea, entrepreneurship and technology. These three work together in tandem to produce good innovations for Dentsu’s clients. This theme of ‘Good Innovation’ has been extended across elements of the office décor as an inspiration to internal audiences. It also communicates the group’s values to external stakeholders, be they clients, business associates or even visitors. To this effect, wall surfaces, glass surfaces and even tiled surfaces have been used to communicate this philosophy in an interesting and intriguing manner.

Sandeep Goyal, Chairman, Dentsu India, explained, “The reason for taking up a new office is that the Dentsu India operations have grown considerably since the agency was launched in 2003. Besides Dentsu Marcom, this new office will also accommodate the corporate offices of Dentsu India. Most of our corporate functions are hubbed out of Delhi. Also, along the way, new entities like Last Minute Media, Clickstreamers, ClozR Communications and ‘iki’ got added to the Dentsu family. All these dictated the need for more space. Our new 30,000 square feet office has enough space for our current needs, as well as for our growth plans plus employees need a nice work environment, a TT table, a billiards table and a large airy cafeteria are big plusses.”

Goyal further said, “The future plans for Dentsu in Gurgaon are well underway, our new ventures in digital and mobile will be launched out of this location. Our new strategic planning initiatives are being housed here. And time permitting, it is a great place to organise some ‘Pecha Kucha’ sessions perhaps.”

“Regarding increasing business force, it depends on business growth. So far, we are cautiously conservative on that count. But one large new biz could change all of that,” he added.

Mogae House has a reception area called Nowhere Land, which builds a beautiful story about ‘Ideas’, how ideas co-exist and why they must finally leave the ‘Nowhere Land’ turn by turn. Tatami (meditation) Room is the Idea Hall of Fame. The outside of this room has a wall-to-wall giant poster that shows a bulb inside the rear of a life-size ass and says ‘An idea can come from anywhere’. The inside celebrates heroes that have either got burnt or killed or ran naked because of an idea. People remove shoes before entering this room. Capsule is Brain versus Heart. This one shows that while better ideas make it to the brain, the best ones find their way to the heart. It is both innovative and interactive in the sense that people get photographed while placing their heads in the ‘faceless face’ and ‘don’ a big brain, only to realise it is the ‘small’ heart that is more important.

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