Dentsu creates the joy of touring on a Yamaha Fazer

Dentsu creates the joy of touring on a Yamaha Fazer

Author | Pallavi Goorha Kashyup | Tuesday, Jul 21,2009 8:23 AM

Dentsu creates the joy of touring on a Yamaha Fazer

Bikes and touring have an unbreakable bond, and it is this bond that Dentsu Communications explores in a new TV campaign for Yamaha Motors’ new bike Fazer, which was launched in India on July 6, 2009. Dubbed the ‘touring bike’, the Fazer TVC broke on July 10 and aims to bring out the joy of being on the road as against the usual speed-hot girl in back seat-muscle mania route.

Joel Peissig is the director of the film, while Stratum is the production house. National Film Chief is Jai V Sheth.

Shivanand ‘Doc’ Mohanty, National Creative Director, Dentsu, explained, “The objective of the campaign was to launch Yamaha Fazer in India The brief from Yamaha Motors was to highlight the fact that Yamaha is the only bike brand with a range of products that offers its customers a variety of distinct biking experiences. The R15 is for racing, the FZ series is for street-biking, and now with the Fazer, it is touring biking.”

The TVC shows bikers touring the countryside over the weekend, who are regular, relatable guys. While one travels as part of a group of bikers, another guy travels with his young son, yet another with his girlfriend, and then there is the lone biker. All of them are enjoying themselves so much that they don’t want to return to their regular lives just yet. So, each one calls up his office with different excuses and ride on.

“Touring is the experience of biking beyond city limits, where the journey is as significant as the stops. It is the thrill of exploring roads less taken, and the deep joy of moments savoured along the way. Yamaha, with the Fazer, introduces this concept of touring biking and the idea was to leverage this as a distinct category differentiator,” explained Mohanty.

He further said, “While bike ads are getting increasingly exaggerated and bombastic, the Yamaha Fazer opens up a world of biking pleasure that is real, joyful and inviting. Touring as a concept is about the journey. The film attempts to capture this not only through the riding, but also the memorable moments along the way. It’s a human insight that the most difficult part of a weekend trip is the return back to the routine of regular work and life. This universal dread of Mondays is captured in the strapline: ‘May the weekend never end’.”

“Touring is a concept that appeals to wanderers, regardless of age or station in life. This is why a variety of riders have been shown, a group, a father and a son, a couple, and of course, a lone rider,” he added.

“The mediums used are TV, Internet, OOH, print, showroom POPs, mobiles, etc. The TV campaign broke on entertainment channels recently. OOH hoardings are already up in all metros, while the print campaign has been released in magazines,” Mohanty said.

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