Delhi Press seeks to demystify IT with launch of new magazine, ‘Live IT’

Delhi Press seeks to demystify IT with launch of new magazine, ‘Live IT’

Author | Puneet Bedi Bahri | Monday, Sep 29,2008 8:40 AM

Delhi Press seeks to demystify IT with launch of new magazine, ‘Live IT’

Delhi Press, in collaboration with Digerati, an IT publisher from Brazil, is launching an IT magazine for today’s women – ‘Live IT’. The magazine, priced at Rs 50, hits the newsstands from September 29. ‘Live IT’ will have an initial print run of 35,000 copies. The magazine will have 112 pages and a 32-page supplement, which would give a step-by-step tutorial on a computer application or a gadget. An interactive CD on the tutorial would also be given along with the magazine every month.

Anant Nath, Director, Delhi Press, said, “We have entered into a content syndication tie-up with Digerati, the largest IT publisher of Brazil. Digerati will be providing us high quality step-by-step guide on computer applications and products that would go as the supplement and the CD with the magazine.”

Nath further said, “Digerati has made a respectable niche for itself in Brazil and other countries of South America when it comes to magazines and content on IT. They publish 10 magazines and more than 50 titles on IT and IT-related fields. The tutorials that they would be providing to us have been immensely successful in Brazil. Therefore, we decided that this is something that our readers would find very useful as it blends with the guiding principle of the magazine of demystifying IT for the lay user.”

Anant Nath is also the Managing Editor for ‘Live IT’, while Paresh Nath is Editor-in-Chief.

The magazine is targeted at women and aims to help the lay person use IT effectively to enrich the digital part of their professional and personal lives. According to Nath, “Most of the available magazines on IT are meant for IT professionals, enthusiasts and persons who have sound technical knowledge. ‘Live IT’ seeks to break away from the norm by focusing on the uses of IT, written in an approachable language and free of technical jargon. The magazine will cover topics related to computers, the Internet, mobile, cameras, and a host of other things. In terms of design and layout, ‘Live IT’ endeavours to break away from available magazines as it is designed to give a lifestyle look.”

“‘Live IT’ has no direct competitors as it seeks to blend lifestyle and IT, and that too targeted at women. The core target group of the magazine is women in the 18-30 age group. However, this is a magazine that will be useful to people across other age groups and amongst males, too, as they will find a lot of relevant information on IT,” Nath added.

Talking about promotional plans, Nath said, “Besides point of purchase promotion at newsstands, we will be doing out of home promotion in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. We are also in the process of collaborating with leading IT education and training companies like NIIT, Aptech, and Microsoft Learning Solutions for promoting the magazine to their students.”

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