David wins creative duties of Lux Hosiery, account pegged Rs 10 cr up

David wins creative duties of Lux Hosiery, account pegged Rs 10 cr up

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, May 12,2006 6:41 AM

David wins creative duties of Lux Hosiery, account pegged Rs 10 cr up

There is good news coming for Brand David, as the agency has just been signed as the creative custodian of Lux Hosiery. No pitch processes preceded the development. David was in talks with the client for some time but the official signing of the business was completed recently. Industry sources peg Lux Hosiery business in the ad-spend vicinity exceeding Rs 10 crore.

With this development, the entire Lux Hosiery business, which includes brands like Lux Cozi on the lower-end and GeneX on the higher-end, moves to David. Speaking more on the new addition to its clientele, Kumar Subramaniam, President, David said, "One point and an important point is that this is a sizeable addition to our business. It is a brand which will have a fair bit of visibility and you need to be seen and seen in the right manner. From that point of view, this is a significant addition to our clientele."

Another area that makes Lux Hosiery interesting for David is that it is challenger brand. Subramaniam explained, "Lux Hosiery has the potential to change the competitive equations of the market. It has already been doing exceedingly well and has really closed in the gap to be the market leader. We see a great opportunity to take this brand forward."

Subramaniam explained that for Lux Hosiery, while increasing sales is a task, a more pressing need at present is to make the brand more endearing and omnipresent. "Lux Hosiery is doing phenomenally well in the past six years and we believe that the brand has the potential to go much forward in the market. At the same time, they think that we can help them in building the brand per se."

The work on the brand has begun already. Subramanian divulged that some thematic campaigns are in the process of being developed and will be seen hitting mass media soon.

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