David moots consumer foresight with David Imagineering, Manish Sinha to head new unit

David moots consumer foresight with David Imagineering, Manish Sinha to head new unit

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Wednesday, Feb 08,2006 11:09 AM

David moots consumer foresight with David Imagineering, Manish Sinha to head new unit

David has decided its time to change the ‘linear thinking’ of the industry. The agency has introduced a new cell, ‘David Imagineering’, which, according to David’s President, Kumar Subramaniam, aimed at marrying strategy with creative rather than treating the two as independent disciplines. TBWA’s Manish Sinha has been roped in as National Planning Director to spearhead the division.

Speaking on the new entity, Subramaniam divulged, “We have been discussing this internally for almost two months. The genesis of the idea comes from the belief that the traditional demarcation lines between what is strategy and what is creative are meaningless at a time when things are fast paced and really fluid.”

“David’s Imagineering Cell actually aims to get the best of strategic planning with huge doses of creative leaps. The idea is not to just focus on consumer insights but go beyond that and develop consumer foresight,” added Subramaniam.

A point that he stresses on is that Imagineering will not function as a silo and instead work in a more collaborative manner with different disciplines of the agency.

“It is very easy to work in a silo, but I think the challenge of this unit lies in keeping it fluid. The fact of the matter is clients’ needs are far more complex. How do you advise a retail client, whose needs are not mass or BPO clients? This cell will help as it will bring not just consumer insights, but help in business understanding, client issue understanding and many other such facets,” he added.

Subramaniam further said, “Contrary to popular perception in India, great planning around the world thrives in a great creative agency. David has just the right mindset and DNA for ‘imagineering’.”

Both Subramaniam and Sinha feel that David is the right agency to have a system like this in place, given the fact that David is more organic in nature and in its present scale of operations, also has the nimbleness and flexibility to execute a discipline like this. Subramaniam said that the first step for the agency to initiate this was to get a leader for the cell, “and we found that in Manish.”

Sinha has over 12 years of experience in marketing and advertising and has handled a cross section of brands – from services to financials. Subramaniam said, “Manish and I have worked together earlier and he embraces the David and Imagineering philosophy with his background in ‘disruption’ and computer engineering.”

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