David Guerrero to head AdFest 2008 Radio Lotus jury

David Guerrero to head AdFest 2008 Radio Lotus jury

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Oct 03,2007 9:01 AM

David Guerrero to head AdFest 2008 Radio Lotus jury

The Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, better known as AdFest, has announced that David Guerrero, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Guerrero Ortega, Manila, would head its radio awards jury as AdFest 2008 Radio Lotus Jury President. AdFest is an annual regional advertising event that celebrates creativity in the Asia Pacific region.

Guerrero is a reputed creative leader in Asia and also an experienced judge at regional and international advertising competitions. In 2007, he was the first Jury President from South-East Asia at Cannes, heading the radio jury there. He has also headed juries at MADC and judged at Clio Awards, Young Guns, Kancils, Singapore Creative Circle, London International and New York Fest.

An official communiqué stated that repeated exposure to international radio awards had convinced him that lack of effort rather than ability was holding Asia back. Guerrero said, “AdFest is one of the major advertising events of the year in Asia. It has its own folklore, history and unique flavour. How much you enjoy may depend on how your work fares. But either way, if you want to see the Asian industry at work -- and play -- it’s a great place to be.”

Guerrero expects to see some great new work from around Asia. He explained, “The Philippines became Asia’s leading country in the Radio Lions. I’m expecting that to stimulate some competition from the rest of the region. We’re obviously hoping to recognise the best of the work that is entered and we judge it to the same standard as the Radio Lions in Cannes. As the first big show of the year, we’d like to see the AdFest Radio Lotus become a real predictor of success elsewhere.”

Sharing some advice, Guerrero commented, “Creative professionals should seek to break the conventions of radio advertising, but with genuine advertising ideas. Don’t try to take the shortcuts of using funny voices, hi-tech audio tricks or of abusing the eardrums of the judges. Use the same kind of thinking that leads to great work in other media, and you should do well. Don’t assume you’re the first to use the voice of a GPS navigator --- you won’t be.”

Jimmy Lam, President, AdFest, said, “Every year, the AdFest organising committee works very hard to identify, and invites creative leaders from around the world to become jury presidents of various Lotus Awards. It is not surprising at all that there is no lack of home-grown creative leaders in the Asia Pacific region when several of them have been jury presidents of international awards. Piyush Pandey was one great example at AdFest 2007, David Guerrero is another at AdFest 2008 and definitely not the only one -- I can make this promise.”

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