Dalda reinvents itself, takes on the health plank

Dalda reinvents itself, takes on the health plank

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Monday, Oct 05,2009 7:06 AM

Dalda reinvents itself, takes on the health plank

Gone are the old yellow dabba with a green palm tree and the association with not-so-heart-friendly vanaspati ghee. Dalda now sports a contemporary look, feel, taste and a new proposition – that of health, freshness, but with no compromise on taste. And to get across this new identity, a new campaign has been conceptualised by Saint & Warriors.

Dalda’s range of oils like soyabean, mustard, sunflower and groundnut would be sold under the ‘Husband’s Choice’ range. The name ‘Husband’s Choice’ has been arrived at based on a consumer insight that all Indian housewives have this tussle between health and taste. While the housewife is always concerned that her family eats healthy food, the husband is only interested in eating tasty food. ‘Husband’s Choice’, therefore, conveys to the housewife that while Dalda oils are healthy, they will also help her provide the food of her husband’s choice without compromising on health.

Speaking on the strategy, Videh Jaipuriar, VP – Foods, Bunge India, explained, “Liberalisation of the economy and the explosion in media channels in the past decade has resulted in consumers becoming more quality conscious and discerning. With the increase in awareness on health issues, consumers are now adopting refined oils as cooking medium. With this background, it was imperative that we upgrade our product offering as well as brand imagery for Dalda.”

On the brief given to the agency and the creative though process, Pushpinder Singh, Chairman, Saints & Warriors, said, “The brief was to reinvent the brand while retaining its original proposition of taste and trust, and adding the health dimension to it. The TVC campaign built around ‘Husband’s Choice’ is a great way to communicate to the target audience that Dalda oils are not only healthy, but at the same time help prepare food without compromising on taste.”

The new advertisement for the brand takes the ‘Husband’s Choice’ insight and builds the brands preposition around it, where the wife (protagonist) is shown worrying about her husband being active enough to take the stress of day-to-day living.

She is concerned that he should be active and energetic in his work life; he should get enough exercise so that he stays fit. While the husband (who is a foodie) in all scenarios is only bothered about the taste of the food he eats. The ad through its juxtaposition of scenes builds up this contrast of thinking between the wife and the husband.

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