Curtains down on Creative Week NYC: all eyes now on 2010

Curtains down on Creative Week NYC: all eyes now on 2010

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, May 11,2009 7:53 AM

Curtains down on Creative Week NYC: all eyes now on 2010

The first-ever Creative Week NYC is over, and preparations for 2010 have already begun. The global economic slowdown had its role to play at The One Show, too, but the One Club is excited with the feedback that it has received. According to Mary Warlick, CEO, The One Club, The One Show awards saw a drop of 15 per cent in entries and there were around 850-900 people attending the event, as compared to the 1,000-odd that were there last year.

Warlick said, “We expected it to be much worse, quite honestly, especially given the way every agency is cutting costs and not participating in events like this. But this is a good turnout.” He is excited about 2010 already. One of the reasons for that is the addition of the One Show Branded Entertainment Awards. These Awards were instituted in October 2008, and the next is planned for February 2010.

Warlick explained, “In branded entertainment, you see a cross-section between the entertainment and the advertising. Good communication is all about entertaining, and in the process convincing someone of a message, and branded entertainment is a very obvious form of communication that we would see in the future. We are very excited about this platform.”

Another plan on the One Club agenda is making some changes in the One Show Awards to reflect the changes that the advertising industry is witnessing. The One Club is contemplating to divide innovation and marketing and advertising for a cause and commercial advertising categories. Warlick explained, “There is quite a lot that is coming in, in the form of integrated campaigns – that is the direction that advertising is going, and we are looking at widening that category.”

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