Creativeland Asia helps Hippo fight hunger and category clutter

Creativeland Asia helps Hippo fight hunger and category clutter

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Tuesday, Feb 02,2010 7:23 AM

Creativeland Asia helps Hippo fight hunger and category clutter

After some clutter breaking packaging and branding in the snacks category, now it’s time for some TVC push for Parle Agro’s snack brand Hippo. The brand name, packaging, philosophy and communication for Hippo have been developed by Creativeland Asia, while the TVC has been directed by Ram Madhvani of Equinox Films.

Sajan Raj Kurup, Founder & Creative Chairman, Creativeland Asia, explained, “That an empty stomach is the devil’s workshop is universally understood. The insight became a lot more relevant on probing deep into the Indian culture. Food is a fantastic way of calming people down. If you got grumpy or angry at home, you would often hear your mom say go eat something and calm down. The commercial is a beautiful marriage of this insight and wishful thinking deep inside all of us to make this world an evil free place.”

The commercial is a light-hearted satire about the society and the evil that exists within it. The entire film is seen through Hippo’s eyes, and thus, we only see Hippo hands often holding Hippo packs. Throughout the film, Hippo tirelessly busts ‘evilisms’ such as terrorism, child labour, violence and adulteration. Hippo approaches and offers Hippo munchies to people who have fallen prey to hunger. The line in the TVC, “Hippo ka maanna hain ki duniya mein harr buraayi ki jadd hain bhook. Toh please, bhooke mutt raho” (Hippo believes that the root of all evil in the world is hunger. So please, don’t remain hungry), explains Hippo’s technique and reinstates the Hippo philosophy. The visuals are accompanied by a classic Kishore Kumar number, ‘Pyaar baante chalo’. The track makes munchies (or food) look as a metaphor for ‘pyaar’.

“We wanted to differentiate Hippo totally from the other snack players. We succeeded in doing that with the name and packaging. It was imperative we carried it into its communication,” Kurup added.

Nadia Chauhan, Joint Managing Director, Parle Agro, said, “In a category cluttered with frivolousness in its communication, Hippo has taken snacking responsibly by positioning itself as a solution for hunger. Hippo, in its sweet, light-hearted manner, takes a social stand. Adding soul to the brand and making snacking more meaningful.”

Ram Madhvani was more than keen to work on the film. He said, “Apart from the taste, what caught me was the packaging, and especially the copy at the back of the pack. It is really heart-warming. So, when Raj asked me to be part of the team, I happily accepted. I also believed in the ‘Hippo Fight Hunger’ stance. I think the film matches the tone of voice of the brand.”

The commercial sets the tone and the platform for further communication. An intensive media mix, including outdoor, radio and digital, has been identified to spread the buzz expected to be created by the commercial.

“The Hippo commercial is not just about creative noise, it is about creating a socially relevant noise with a soul to it,” said Kurup.

Meanwhile, Parle Agro is geared to launch various snack products under the Hippo brand.

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