Creative Week NYC takes on pressing issues at the first-ever ‘unconference’ for adland

Creative Week NYC takes on pressing issues at the first-ever ‘unconference’ for adland

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, May 08,2009 8:20 AM

Creative Week NYC takes on pressing issues at the first-ever ‘unconference’ for adland

It was one of those things that one has to experience to truly understand. The One Club tried many firsts this year. This was the first time when the three key One Show Awards – One Show Design, One Show Awards and One Show Interactive – were spanned in the same week, intertwined with other creative events that were meant to stimulate discussions in the creative fraternity. The Creative Week NYC, as it is called, also saw the first ever Creative Unconference.

As a format, Unconference has been done for industries like the tech industry, but the creative fraternity had not seen one so far. The Creative Unconference was planned for May 7 and May 8. The opening day – May 7 – saw an enthusiastic response from the creative fraternity. Nearly 200 creative officials – creative directors, production company heads, film makers and music company executives – gathered at 608 W at NYC to discuss and deliberate on some of the most pressing issues that impacts the creative minds today.

The breakaway from the usual set agendas and listed speakers that kicked off these discussions were refreshing. The One Club team – David Baldwin and Kevin Swanepoel – kicked off the discussion, speaking on the thought process of this discussion. Baldwin said, “This is a great platform where I would encourage people from independent agencies to ask relevant questions on what are some of the ways to grow in these times.”

Comparing the current economic atmosphere to “the ice-age”, Baldwin said, “These times represent change, and it is a good thing because this is when we would see innovations and new ideas take off like never before. I have more questions than answers, and we should take the day to pose some of these questions and discuss possible solutions.”

In a conversation with exchange4media, Swanepoel said, “This is a very organic way of doing things and I am thrilled with the outcome. This is not about one person speaking and everyone listening. The who’s who of the global advertising fraternity has engaged members of the fraternity in dialogues here, and I believe that this is a progressive step in networking and connecting with like-minded people.”

Some of the subjects that the creative professionals chalked out to discuss in the course of the day included discussions on social media, branded entertainment, CGI, new business strategies, how culture can be converted into cash, first-aid for the brain, and so on.

The people at the event included from agencies like David & Goliath, Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann Erickson, Rain, Oddest, Lucky Visuals and many more from across creative industries and countries.

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