Convergence of tech, media & creativity = business insights: Ray Velez

Convergence of tech, media & creativity = business insights: Ray Velez

Author | Twishy | Saturday, Apr 06,2013 6:51 AM

Convergence of tech, media & creativity = business insights: Ray Velez


Technology has created a revolution everywhere and has helped in transforming the customer experience. The successful integration of digital with traditional media has created some memorable campaigns. With the increasing dominance of digital, there is a need to transform business at the intersection of marketing and technology.

Ray Velez, Chief Technology Officer, Razor Fish while addressing adlanders at Goafest 2013 said, “Technology added with media and creativity creates new brand experiences.” He stressed on creating new brand experiences with customers that fit within the business model. Technology is made of different components and the Application Programme Interface (API), creates a way to have the brand interact with anything else and helps to leverage tools such as Facebook, Twitter to provide fuel to the customer experience.

Creativity is also important but it’s not the only way that new brand experiences are created. He said that creativity can come in from anywhere. According to him, the intersection or the convergence between technology, media and creativity helps in creating business insights. It allows brands to imagine, create and enable customer experiences.

Brands need to operate within the new customer experiences, where silos do not matter anymore. He highlighted the five principles to create customer experiences. He said, “The first principle is that we need to put the customers at the centre. When you are providing a service or value, the customers are going to engage with the brand which will be useful for the brand, so strategies need to be structured around the customer.”

Velez believes that if a brand provides value, then it brings the customers back to the brand, creating brand loyalty. With customers moving to new interactive mediums, organisations need to think of the brand as a service.

“Brands need to reject silos and employ agile methodology and rapid prototype,” he added.

According to him, all strategies must be based on data from the actual customer activity.

Marketing technology and creativity are no more discrete problems. Velez also highlighted that organisations need to act like start-ups and put the customer at the focus of everything.

Organisations need to embrace diversity of all types to convert existing concepts into a large number of extraordinary delights, he concluded.

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