Connecting the $18.3 Trillion Global Trade: FedEx

Connecting the $18.3 Trillion Global Trade: FedEx

Author | Deepika Bhardwaj | Wednesday, Dec 07,2011 9:06 AM

Connecting the $18.3 Trillion Global Trade: FedEx

“If you looked at 'global trade' as its own free-standing economy, it would be by far the largest in the world at more than $18.3 trillion” is the first quote you come across while surfing, a new offering from FedEx to let its business partners and brands stay ahead of their customers’ needs in a continually changing world. Global Trade, Sustainability, Workforce, High Growth Markets, Supply Chain are some of the topics that this new site from FedEx throws a perspective on for its users and customers. is a part of the new ‘Connect your Business to a Changing World’ campaign launched by FedEx in 8 languages around the world including Countries like India, China, Singapore, Argentina, Hong Kong and Colombia, amongst many others. Launched in 8 languages, the campaign has been created by BBDO and OMD and Ketchum have been partnered to give the brand an integrated push.

The Objective of the new campaign is to let FedEx customers gain a competitive business edge by physically connecting them to markets around the world and by providing them with the knowledge they need to be successful, says Nathalie Amiel-Ferrault, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa and VP, Customer Experience and Customer Service, EMEA. She adds “Businesses today are looking for whatever competitive edge they can find and having access to the right kind of information can make all the difference to tap into the $18.3 trillion market created by global trade. This access to relevant trade information is at the centre of our new multi-market communications campaign. The campaign is designed to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas to allow businesses to capitalize on global market opportunities. The ‘Connect your Business to a Changing World’ campaign gives business leaders around the globe access to useful and unique content about the trends that are impacting businesses and economies worldwide, as well as the solutions FedEx provides to help companies benefit from those trends.”

Launched towards November end, the new campaign is now visible in multiple markets around the world. It includes an aggressive global print and online media advertising accessible in eight languages. FedEx aims to boost brand awareness and value across an international landscape through an integrated communications mix with the current campaign.
BBDO has developed the entire creative for the campaign while OMD has handled media buying. Ketchum is managing the worldwide public relations program for the new campaign.

To be continued in 2012, the campaign has strong emphasis on digital media. Sharing the reason behind launching the website, Nathalie informs, “We wanted to offer our visitors insightful information to help them stay ahead of their customers’ needs in a continually changing world and thus the website. Through the enhanced web experience, visitors can access invaluable information and innovative transportation solutions as they seek to navigate the global marketplace. Several important topics related to trade have been covered. With a range of audiovisual and written content available, visitors to the site can access articles from The Economist, analyze data, view videos, read supplementary content, and participate in online surveys.”
It may be recalled that DHL also launched its global campaign touting itself as the ‘International Specialist’ in about 42 markets around the world this year. The competition in the global connectivity space is indeed growing!


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