Colgate to sponsor India’s first Internet drama

Colgate to sponsor India’s first Internet drama

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 8:22 AM

Colgate to sponsor India’s first Internet drama (C2W) has launched India’s first Internet drama titled ‘’. The drama is sponsored by the New Colgate Fresh Energy Gel, which has been relaunched in trendy transparent tubes—a first in India.

According to the industry sources is the first of its kind, a series of drama on the Internet, making it different from television soap operas. C2W plans to launch the 48-episode serial titled ‘Ghar Ek Mandir – Mera Baap Bhagwan’ on its site today. A series of five fresh scenes will be released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

In a bid to involve the viewers, C2W also plans to launch interactive contests from October 30 this year. The serial will have dramatic climaxes allowing the contestants to predict the outcome of ‘cliff hanger’ scene in every episode.

As for Colgate, through this Internet initiative, the company hopes to connect with its consumers across nation. Also, this move will connect very well with Colgate Fresh Energy Gel’s core benefit line of ‘Talk to Me’.

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