Cold comfort: D’Cold Total’s new campaign presents the problem in a lighter vein

Cold comfort: D’Cold Total’s new campaign presents the problem in a lighter vein

Author | Sumita Patra | Monday, Jan 29,2007 7:53 AM

Cold comfort: D’Cold Total’s new campaign presents the problem in a lighter vein

Having a cold can be injurious to others’ health (and sometimes life). This seems to be the message of the new campaigns for OTC cold remedy D’Cold Total. Conceptualised by Mudra, Ahmedabad, an attempt has been made to make a radical shift from serious communication to a lighter, humorous one.

The three-ad series have been created with a realistic angle to them. Titled Cliffhanger, Plane and Roller Coaster, each ad is of 20-second duration. In each ad, the focus is more on the people who’s fate is in the hands of the person suffering from cold.

In the Cliffhanger commercial, which is already on air, four guys are shown clinging to a rope for dear life as they all hang dangerously over a cliff’s edge. Each time the camera focuses on one of these guys, VO says, “Inko jhukaam nahi hai / inko sardard nahi / inko gale ka dard nahi hai / aur inko badan dard nahi hai.”

The camera then pans to the fifth guy who is holding on to the rope and trying to pull the other guys up. He is the one suffering from cold, as the VO informs us, “Lekin inko ye chaaron hain”. The hapless guy gives one loud sneeze as the screen goes blank leaving the rest to the viewers’ imagination (Did the guys survive or did they plunge to their deaths?).

The other two TVCs, which will break soon are in a similar vein, albeit different set-ups. The one titled Roller Coaster depicts people from different walks of life climbing on to a roller coaster for a joy ride. This time it is the operator of the roller coaster who is suffering from cold. He sneezes hard and happens to break the handle that controls the On/Off switch of the ride.

In the third TVC the setting is a commercial airliner. Here, the pilot is suffering from cold.

Giving the idea behind the ads, Vipin Dhyani, Creative Director, Mudra, Ahmedabad, said, “Some ads will reflect bizarre creativity just for the sake of it, while some are full of the manufacturer’s speech about the product. The challenge in this case was to mix the marketing objective and the attention grabbing creativity in just 20 seconds, which we did successfully. I believe with this three-ad campaign we will be able to create a buzz around the brand D’Cold Total.”

Dhyani further said, “It was important to create an enjoyable, noticeable communication that puts the D’Cold message across in a pleasantly different manner from the typical ‘suffering’ emotional plots. It was great fun since all the commercials are very amusing. Every stage was interesting.”

The commercials have tried to convey the fact that even if one is not directly affected by cold, one should not ignore the people around suffering from the malady.

In each story, rather than focusing on the sufferer and highlighting the problem directly, the entire plot is built on the premise that the importance of the product is felt by people around the sufferer. The problem is revealed at the climax of the film, and the end is left to viewer’s imagination. This makes the audience sit up and think about the product’s importance subconsciously.

D’Cold as a brand is quite well known in the market. The brief given to the agency was to create top of the mind awareness / top of the mind brand recall. The agency was briefed on coming up with clutter breaking and attention grabbing commercials.

As far as the promotional mix is concerned, the company, Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd, is concentrating only on television advertising.

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