Coke salutes cricket fans in new TVC laced with humour

Coke salutes cricket fans in new TVC laced with humour

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Friday, Feb 17,2006 7:50 AM

Coke salutes cricket fans in new TVC laced with humour

The new Coke TVC comes as a welcome surprise for all – no film stars, no sportspersons, not even Aamir Khan – just animated puppets and a tribute to cricket crazy fans presented in a humorous manner. The tagline says it all – "Cricket Jiyo, Thanda Piyo". The ad breaks on the small screen on February 20. A teaser ad of the new campaign was unveiled during the all important ODI between India and Pakistan played in Multan on February 16.

Coca-Cola has used 'claymation' as a format for advertising for the first time in this TVC. Though this ad was originally crafted in Mexico based on the consumer passion for soccer, it has been suitably modified for the Indian audience.

The ad features different 'characters' following an exciting game of cricket on their radio and TV sets. The last ball of the match, three runs needed. The ad opens with an animated fly swatter and a fly waiting with bated breath for the last ball to be bowled. The others keenly following the match include a woodcutter poised mid way while swinging his axe, a cook about to behead a chicken, a hippie in his trailer, a scientist experimenting on a mouse. All the while the common thread is the ubiquitous commentator's VO: " Akhiri ball, 3 runs needed… Najafgarh Shatabdi facing Rawalpindi Express… Balla Ghuma Diya… Ball hawa mein, kissing the air hostess… fielder under it, aur ye chakka… Chak de fatte, nap riti killiyan, jeet gaya paaji, baja diya band, balle-balle, kila fateh kar liya."

So they all celebrate the winning shot. The cook forgets about beheading the hapless chicken and dances with it, the woodcutter hugs the tree, the scientists hugs his mouse and the closing shot, a couple in their bedroom savour the victory so much so that when the wife's lover jumps out of the cupboard, where he has been hiding, in sheer joy over the winning sixer, the husband hugs him.

Super: Cricket Jiyo Coke Piyo.

As Vikas Gupta, Vice-President, Marketing, Coca-Cola said, the ad portrayed in a refreshingly humorous manner, how the passion for cricket brought together rivals – just like a chilled bottle of Coke.

Elaborating further on the TVC, Gupta, an ardent cricket fan, said, "Coca-Cola and cricket are two passions that all Indians share. So, what better way to cheer the thundering performance of our boys so far and egg them on to further glory than to spur our consumers to an excited frenzy of support."

The TVC will be aired on channels like ESPN, STAR Sports, AXN, MTV, Channel [v], VH1, Discovery, NGC, HBO, Zee Studio, Max, STAR World, Zoom and Zee Café.

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