Coke defends ad; refutes Pepsi charge

Coke defends ad; refutes Pepsi charge

Author | NULL | Wednesday, May 02,2001 12:00 AM

Coke defends ad; refutes Pepsi charge

Soft drink giant Coca-Cola on Tuesday contended before the Delhi High Court that it was neither disparaging nor defaming or diluting the product of its rival Pepsi in a series of advertisement telecast for marketing their drink as alleged by the former. In a day-to-day argument, Coca-Cola also defended its roller-coaster ad for Sprite, which was allegedly identical to its rival Pepsi.

Pepsi, in its argument earlier, had accused Coca-Cola of copying its roller-coaster ad for Sprite using the identical character, tumbler and clothes. (PTI) Senior counsel Kapil Sibal and Pratibha M Singh, appearing for Pepsi had also submitted that by using the phrase “Be cool, don’t be fool” in the Sprite ad, Coca-Cola was belittling its product.

Mr. Chagla, said in cinematographic film, if on imitation of literary works, the subsequent work is different from the original work, it does not attract the provision of copyright law. He claimed that in Sprite ad, the final work is different from the work of imitation and as such there was no infringement as alleged by the Pepsi.

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