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Coke and Pepsi slug it out over recall and ratings

Coke and Pepsi slug it out over recall and ratings

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, May 28,2002 8:27 AM

Coke and Pepsi slug it out over recall and ratings

The soft drinks slugfest has taken another interesting turn, with both Coca-Cola India and PepsiCo claiming better recall and higher ratings for their respective `ads of the season'. While PepsiCo's biggest ad this season has been that of Amitabh Bachchan-Sachin Tendulkar's kite-flying jaunt, Coca-Cola's most popular commercial for Summer 2002 has been Aamir Khan's oafish `thanda matlab Coca-Cola' act in a pedestrian Mumbai restaurant.

According to ORG-Marg's weekly Ad Track study based on spontaneous ad recall, Aamir's `thanda matlab...' film has scored over Pepsi's Amitabh-Sachin kite-flying commercial, for the month of April. In the week ended April 5, Coke's thanda ad scored 7.2 points against Pepsi's AB-Sachin ad with 3.0 points. In the week ended April 12, Coke's ratings were 8.9, with Pepsi getting 4 points. For the week ended April 19, Coke's ratings were 10.9, versus 5.9 of Pepsi. For April 26, the ratings were 12.5 (for the thanda... ad) and 8.2 (for the AB-Sachin ad), while in the week ended May 3, the thanda film scored 14.1 points, while the AB-Sachin film scored 9.3 points.

The ORG Ad Track spans 17 cities, and its respondent profile covers 12-49 year olds, across viewers from SEC A, B, C and D households, with an equal proportion of males and females.

However, according to IMRB's Perception Analyser System (PAS), for the month of April, Pepsi's AB-Sachin film was ahead of Coke's thanda commercial.

Tested across four cities with a respondent profile of 15-to-30-years-olds, Pepsi's AB-Sachin film scored 93 points out of 100 on the likeablity factor, while Coke's Aamir film managed 89 points. On the purchase intent parameter, Pepsi's AB-Sachin ad scored 75 points, while Aamir's thanda act scored 68 points, according to IMRB.

Source: Business Line
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