Coca-Cola to reposition Maaza

Coca-Cola to reposition Maaza

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Jan 01,1900 7:20 AM

Coca-Cola to reposition Maaza

Coca-Cola India plans to reposition its non-carbonated fruit drink Maaza, once again. A new communications strategy for the brand is currently being worked out and a new advertising campaign is about to be rolled out. The brand was given a facelift with an investment of Rs 6 crore only last year.

According to the company sources, the objective of this exercise is to expand the consumer base of the brand.

The company also plans to add two new flavours—strawberry and leechi—to Maaza which was originally a bottled mango drink.

Maaza was first relaunched in 200-ml cartons in 2000 as part of a well-thought out strategy where the company acknowledged the potential of the brand and aggressively pushed the brand. In line with that, in April 2001, Maaza was unveiled with a redesigned logo and a new positioning that pitched the brand on the ‘health and fun’ plank. Later in the year, it also launched a new ‘fortified with calcium’ version of Maaza, and added two new flavours—orange and pineapple—to the brand.

The non-carbonated fruit juice/drink business forms nearly 10 per cent of the domestic soft drink volumes. The mango flavoured market is estimated to control about 80 per cent of the fruit juice market.

According to company sources, Maaza has grown by an unprecedented 70 per cent and has captured the clear No. 1 position with a national share of 38 per cent marketshare.

Source: Financial Express
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