Clio Awards gets ready with India gameplan

Clio Awards gets ready with India gameplan

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Wednesday, Nov 22,2006 8:34 AM

Clio Awards gets ready with India gameplan

Four international awards that never fail to make news in India are Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, D&AD, The One show and Clio Awards. Awards like Young Guns, London International Advertising Festival and New York Advertising Festival, too, line up in the Indian scheme of affairs, but the first rung definitely are the big four international festivals.

Cannes Lions’ presence in India is strong and recently D&AD was here to create more awareness around their platform, and now there is word coming from Clio as well. In fact, one of the first moves that the Awards made was to appoint NDTV Media as its official representative for South Asia. Clio’s Executive Director, Ami Brophy, informed that there was much more that could be expected from Clio in India.

Brophy said, “Asia is a very important market for us and we identified India four years ago as a country where we wanted to do something. One of the first things I did when I came on board four years back was study where entries were coming from and the second step was to be in markets that would add to the overall participation.”

She informed that Clio had received just under 250 entries from India earlier this year for the Clio Awards and that consistently there were Indian jury members for the last four years. “You can expect that to increase. Last year two metals were awarded to the region and that is one more than last year, so that’s progress,” she further said.

Speaking on some attributes of the Awards itself, which pose as further attraction, Brophy said, “We added the content and creative categories, which is the interception of creative and strategy exploring ideas that are an equal balance, not one outweighing the other, and that has brought its own rewards. It added the point that for us, it is about innovation – not the rare titanium, but the constant pushing of the envelope.”

A more India-centric move to draw attention to such facets about the Awards is signing on NDTV Media as official representative. Brophy said, “I think you can expect more in terms of direct activities here once, with the help of NDTV, we have figured out what is it that the Indian region expects from us and what are the kinds of activities we should undertake.”

NDTV Media’s role would be to facilitate participation, development of relation of Clio in the region, which could range from developments in the region and events and so on.

Another area that Clio also is targeting in addition to the Awards is increased participation in the Future Gold Competition meant for young professionals.

Brophy said, “One of our missions is to encourage the next generation. We do a lot at the student level awards and then there is the Future Gold Competition at the Young Creative level. We had participants last year from India as well and we are looking forward to increased participation in these areas as well.”

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