Cleartrip rolls out 'What's happening? Lots happening' campaign

Cleartrip rolls out 'What's happening? Lots happening' campaign

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Jul 16,2016 8:27 AM

Cleartrip rolls out 'What's happening? Lots happening' campaign

Cleartrip’s recently launched ‘Local’ is a bold way of reimagining a ‘trip’ in the context of one’s home-city. According to the press release, taking a different approach to this product, the company believed that powerful communication combined with wider reach, was the only thing that would work for ‘Local’ to scale exceeding well. Hence came along the idea of using television to communicate around the product, all built using new-age tech, for measurements.

Subramanya Sharma – Cleartrip’s Chief Marketing Officer said, "Cleartrip Local is about catering to the ‘here & now’.  We brainstormed about moments of truth which included the fear of missing out, illusion of ’same old, same old’ in the city, & the mirage of complete knowledge of what’s happening around. And one line resonated with a lot of us – ‘You are a stranger in your own city’ & out came the central idea for the campaign - “What’s happening, lots happening.”

Shriram Iyer – National Creative Director – Mullen Lintas said, “The product is so one-of-a-kind, that it pretty much wrote the line "what’s happening, lots happening" itself. Use the app and you’ll know it, there’s seriously some crazy amount of things-to-do in your own city. Our task then, was to crack a device to tell this in an engaging manner. And we tried doing that by literally bringing this alive by showcasing crazy activities in an impossible environment. And the Gujarati rap simply tied it all up in a nice, quirky bow.”

The campaign has gone live across Television, Radio and Online channels.

You can watch the ad here:

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