CII Brand Summit: Media convergence a friend to those who embrace it

CII Brand Summit: Media convergence a friend to those who embrace it

Author | Tuhina Anand | Monday, Feb 22,2010 7:24 AM

CII Brand Summit: Media convergence a friend to those who embrace it

Day Two of CII Brand Summit 2010 saw an interesting mix of speakers present their view points on the core topic ‘Marketing Disruption: How will brands woo consumers in the age of discontinuity’. One of the panel discussions saw Jonathan Howlett, Director Airtime Sales, BBC Worldwide, UK speak at length on the topic ‘Media Convergence: friend or foe?’ Howlett stressed on the need to have content on multi-platforms so that there are different touch points to reach the consumers. He said, “We at BBC have embraced media convergence and it’s a friend to us.”

The discussion emphasised on the need for great content and the importance of immediacy, trust and authenticity of that content. There is also the issue of maintaining control over one’s brand, which is nearly impossible with so many gates that technological advance has paved the way for. The key here is to be consistent in the brand messaging. On convergence, Howlett also made a relevant point that consumers consumed different products at different times, and to be successful in the future, there was a need to understand the needs of that consumer.

It is well known how tariff wars had made mobile phones cheaper and a ubiquitous reality of a large part of the Indian population. The handheld device will become more important with the introduction of 3G services and Internet being easily accessible via the phone. In the session ‘Engaging with consumers through mobile services’, Rahul Saigal, Chief Marketing Officer, Aircel Ltd, presented his case where he showed the TVC of pocket Internet featuring MS Dhoni, which simplified what a consumers can do using a mobile phone and accessing the Internet. The bottomline is that there is a whole new world just waiting to become a reality through these handheld devices.

The session on ‘Enhancing shareholders value’ saw a discussion by S Swaminathan, MD, Customer Equity Solutions, on brands as business assets. He pointed that this could be done through focusing on customers’ lifetime value, acquiring the right customers and retaining them. These could be attained by imparting the brand knowledge by using both creativity and technological advances.

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