Choreos is a strategic initiative to improve organisational effectiveness: Vikram Sakhuja

Choreos is a strategic initiative to improve organisational effectiveness: Vikram Sakhuja

Author | Robin Thomas | Monday, Oct 12,2009 8:09 AM

Choreos is a strategic initiative to improve organisational effectiveness: Vikram Sakhuja

With an aim to further acknowledge the work done by its professionals, GroupM India had held the inaugural Choreos Awards in Mumbai on October 9, 2009. The red carpet was rolled out for the nominees, making them feel no less than celebrities. In order to have the entire GroupM India offices to join the celebration, the event was taken live to their Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata offices.

exchange4media caught up with Vikram Sakhuja, Chief Executive Officer - South Asia, GroupM, to get his perspective on the Choreos Awards, his cherished moments and get a glimpse of what the second edition would look like.

Speaking about the benefits that GroupM India could reap from internal awards like Choreos, Sakhuja said, “I can see over the years our standards increasing in the way we break new ground, realise the power of one, operate as a band of brothers, and make our environment a great place to grow, set new standards of excellence and truly walk the talk. It is a motivational exercise, but far greater, it is a strategic initiative to improve organisational effectiveness.”

Commenting on the idea behind Choreos, Sakhuja explained, “The role of GroupM is to create an ecosystem where we can deliver sustainable competitive advantage to our clients in leveraging their media investments. To do this, we have developed a structure where Agency-Client teams matrix with functional specialists like buying, content, activation, digital, finance, HR and training, and to do this in a manner that transcends bureaucracy, agendas and egos, we have set as our mission to Choreograph Convergence in everything we do.”

He further said, “At the heart of choreographing convergence is to live and breathe our company’s core values. And then to convert that behaviour into breakthrough ways in which brands meet consumers, media gets valued, and people meet their potential. Choreos is a celebration of our talent that exemplifies these values and the teams that deliver breakthrough work.”

Sakhuja also shared three specific moments that he cherished from Choreos Awards 2009. First and foremost was the entire mood of bonhomie and brotherhood, and the live link-up of this event with Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata offices. Secondly, the video clips of the nominees, which according to him, were with such diversity and refreshing personalities. The third moment was the excellence in production of the show, which was done in-house.

Choreos, however, is not the first internal award organised by any agency. We have seen many other agencies with their own sets of internal recognition in the last few years. On being asked why a company of the stature and position of GroupM had not set up its internal awards until now, Sakhuja replied, “Internal awards need to have a purpose. Way back in 2003 we had started Alchemies, which were our internal awards to showcase our work on the lines of Emvies. That helped in the early stage of our development to overcome the inertia of capturing the great work we do for awards. Over the years, with Emvies and GoaFest getting institutionalised, we discontinued that. In 2008 we did our visioning exercise and made some organisational interventions to build group effectiveness.”

Following the success of Choreos Awards 2009, the second edition is expected to be even bigger. This apart, Choreos is even expected to travel to another city. “We have set some pretty high standards and we intend to only raise them. Also, Choreos will travel, if it was Mumbai this year, it will probably be in another one of our offices next year,” concluded Sakhuja.

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