Cholamandalam launches new TVC

Cholamandalam launches new TVC

Author | Abitha G. | Friday, Mar 26,2004 7:06 AM

Cholamandalam launches new TVC

Cholamandalam has launched a new TVC with the objective to get closer to the masses through product-centric campaigns in General Insurance. Efforts would be directed towards both Health and Home Insurance sectors. The newly launched TVC revolves around Cholamandalam’s health insurance product. The product is based on the ‘cash-free hospitalisation’ concept brought about through a tie-up with various hospitals for about 142-day care procedures across 250 cities.

Dwelling on the new television commercial, Arun Agarwal, Chief Executive, Cholamandalam, MS General Insurance, said, “Our communication brings out the ‘power of insurance in action’. General Insurance can strike a chord with the common man only when it empowers the individual. What the customer needs is not just a product that offers compensation post a crisis, but a product that shoulders responsibilities along with him during the crisis. In essence, a general insurance product that takes up the role of a `Crisis Manager’. Through our campaign, we intend to bring out the comfort, which one sails through even in times of crisis, because he is empowered with our product. This can be best established through an audio-visual medium and hence we chose it."

The storyboard has the character Chabilalji who is delighted at the miseries of his fellow human beings. The other character, the sensible Anandji, is seen reading a newspaper one morning on a park bench, as Chabilal pounces on him and inquires with glee about Anand’s unfortunate appendix operation that he had to undergo all of a sudden while in Raipur on a business visit. Remarking deviously on the unexpected expenses Chabilal says: “Loot gaye boss?” Anandji smugly tells him that he had everything under control. While Chabilal looks aghast, the voice over buzzes, “Chola health Insurance se paiye cash-free hospitalisation adhiktam sheheron me adhiktam bimariyon ke liye!” The slogan reads, “Jo bhi hoga Chola manage karega!”.

M L Raghavan, Client Services Director, JWT Chennai, said, “The common man has enough everyday hassles to put down General Insurance on his priority list. The objective of the commercial was to bring General Insurance into the mindset of the people. The ad communicates that Insurance is not about unlikely eventualities but about availing solutions for daily disruptions.”

Referring to the commercial, Raghavan added: “What makes the communication unique is that it stays clear of the usual disaster dreariness of the general insurance advertising, infusing great sense of humour into a simple, positive storyline and communicating the relevance of adopting Chola General Insurance. It also brings immediacy to general insurance, effectively captured in the situations in use, translating it to visible money”

Efforts are on to bring about yet another campaign on the home insurance front. Meanwhile, the brand concept for this product campaign will be carried across all media.

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