Chlormint changes creative expression to ‘Anytime Consumption’ in latest TVC

Chlormint changes creative expression to ‘Anytime Consumption’ in latest TVC

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Aug 02,2007 9:16 AM

Chlormint changes creative expression to ‘Anytime Consumption’ in latest TVC

Chlormint has launched a new TVC, and the creative expression of the mint candy from Perfetti Van Melle India (PVMI) has changed from ‘Dobara mat puchna’, to ‘Anytime Consumption’. The TVC has been on air since July 27. The concept of ‘Anytime Consumption’ is to broaden the scope of the earlier campaigns, which very successfully communicated that one doesn’t really need a reason to have Chlormint. McCann Erickson has worked on the new TVC for Chlormint titled ‘Kabaddi’. Abhijeet Choudhury of the production house Black Magic is the Creative Director.

“The premise of the concept was ‘Anytime Consumption’, to bring forth the idea that there is no designated time for having Chlormint. The strategy was planned to expand the consumption area of the product. There is no particular reason why the ‘suhaag raat’ concept was chosen; we could have done it with any other idea,” said Prasoon Joshi, Executive Chairman, McCann Erickson India, and Regional Creative Director-South and South East Asia, McCann Erickson.

“The reason for the change in the creative concept is because this time, it speaks that consumption of Chlormint doesn’t need any specific time, while the earlier concept was different. Moreover, it was the need of the client to expand the market and hence we worked on a new concept,” he added.

Speaking about the reason to rope in Abhijeet Choudhury as the director of the film, Joshi said, “Abhijeet is a fantastic director and moreover, he has directed all the Chlormint films so far. He understands the brand and the creative concept.”

Sameer Suneja, Head Marketing PVMI, said, “The positioning has not changed, rather it is a step forward to the earlier ‘Dobara mat puchna’ campaign. Only the creative expression has changed.”

As for the reason to take a humorous angle each time for the ad, Suneja said, “Humour really works as Chlormint is a low involvement segment; it goes across all ages, population strata and income groups. Every man on the street is able to relate to humour.”

The ad has been set in a situation of a ‘Suhaagraat’ (wedding night), whereby the shy bride is waiting for her groom with anticipation. The groom is a simpleton, who is more nervous and shy than the bride. He is not willing to enter the room. His friends banter, as is the norm on such occasions, and advice him to tackle the situation like a kabaddi match. The groom decides to take the advice literally.

Feeling reassured, he enters the room, takes off his clothes to reveal his red shorts and a white vest, and to the bride’s amazement, he actually begins to play kabaddi with her. He touches her quickly from a ‘safe’ distance, and sprints out of the room in a typical kabaddi style, feeling ‘victorious’. As he runs out, his father intercepts him and slaps him, saying, “Yeh kabaddi khelne ka waqt hai?” (Is this the time to play kabaddi?)

The voiceover at the end explains that there is designated time for everything, but Chlormint can be taken anytime. The background of the new creative also is set in a rustic environment with people speaking the local dialect.

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