Cheil Worldwide gets a new address in Gurgaon

Cheil Worldwide gets a new address in Gurgaon

Author | Pallavi Goorha Kashyup | Monday, Feb 01,2010 7:03 AM

Cheil Worldwide gets a new address in Gurgaon

Cheil Worldwide has moved on from its office in Nehru Place to its new office in Gurgaon. Speaking exclusively to exchange4media, Prathap Suthan, NCD, Cheil Worldwide, said, “The reason for shifting to a new office is, firstly, Samsung themselves have shifted office to Gurgaon, and as their agency we think we will be able to service them better by being closer to them. The second reason is that we needed more space as our business has been growing. Thirdly, we are no longer a single client agency, and by that count we would be certainly looking at staffing ourselves for an even larger operation, including far better facilities and room for our people. Fourth reason is why wouldn't anyone want to move into a better and more spacious office?”

Suthan further said, “I think everyone is excited about shifting despite the fact that some of us will have to drive at least an hour longer to get to work. But then, personally I see that as a great time to catch up on calls, Facebook, reading, surfing, and of course, it gives me the time to do some undisturbed work. Initially, I looked at travel as a waste of time, but now I look at it as the best time to prepare myself for the day ahead, and to finish off work before reaching home.”

Though currently the agency was not planning any campaign to announce the move to a new office, Suthan pointed out, “The move is great material for coming up with some clever work. And I think some of my guys are on it as we speak.”

Commenting on the new office, he said, “While we will never be able to make it as fabulous as our landmark Seoul office, we will find our own design solution that works best for the space and the Indian energy we have here.”

Future plans

“We have already won our first client outside of Samsung, and it certainly has spurred our confidence in our talent and calibre. The fact that we are open to new businesses is something that hasn't percolated deep down into the industry yet, but I am sure you can't keep good news from spreading. More than that, I also think it gives Samsung more confidence in our ability to deliver capable thinking, and this also goes far to reinforce their belief in our competence levels,” Suthan added.

He concluded, “Like people say, all agencies are as good or as bad as their last campaign, and this is more than a true parameter that dictates and imbues every client agency relationship. Winning is contagious, and the more confident an agency is, the more confident a client is about the agency.”

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