Charlie Chaplin brings the shine back to Cherry Blossom

Charlie Chaplin brings the shine back to Cherry Blossom

Author | Malini Menon | Tuesday, Nov 16,2004 7:26 AM

Charlie Chaplin brings the shine back to Cherry Blossom

The grand daddy of comedy, Charlie Chaplin, will always remain a loyal brand ambassador of Cherry Blossom shoe polish. After a gap of 10 years, when Reckitt Benckiser India brought back Chaplin in a commercial in February, the company saw an eight per cent gain in market share, says Anisha Motwani, VP, Euro RSCG. And now, Chaplin revisits viewers in a new commercial that has been on air since the first week of November.

Said Anne Engerant, Regional Marketing Director, South Asia, Reckitt Benckiser, “Chaplin has been a lucky mascot. We realized that people associate Cherry Blossom with Chaplin and this was the reason why we brought Chaplin back in the commercials.”

Incidentally, the company experimented with a Cherry Blossom campaign sans Chaplin last year. However, the non-Chaplin ads didn’t bring in the desired results. This led the Euro RSCG team, which handles Cherry Blossom, to toy with various ideas. Finally, it was decided to recall back good old Charlie Chaplin.

Asked about the rationale behind Chaplin’s resurrection in the campaign, Motwani said, “We felt instinctively that Chaplin could do the magic but then we wanted to validate this. So we did a dipstick study in Delhi with 150 respondents comprising young working people. It indicated that Chaplin was still one of the most recalled comedians. Interestingly, Chaplin, though among the top five comedians in the study, rated behind Jim Carrey and Govinda.”

Motwani further explained, “If one looks at values, Chaplin stands for success, honesty and hard work. These are the core values of the brand as well. The brand has always positioned itself as the No. 1 shoe polish for well-groomed adults. We found Chaplin to be a perfect fit.”

So, how different is the new commercial from the previous Chaplin commercials? “Very different,” she said, adding, “Earlier, Cherry Blossom enjoyed a monopolistic position and the communication was that this is the leading shoe polish. Now, what we are giving is a competitive message that Cherry Blossom’s shine is far superior to that of other brands.”

So it’s Chaplin versus Fatty in this battle for the shine. Explained Motwani, “While Chaplin will stand for the brand, Fatty represents the competitor. In the new commercial for the Cherry Blossom convenient wax, we have shown Fatty vigorously trying to polish his shoes and still not getting the shine whereas Chaplin wakes up late and polishes his shoe with Cherry Blossom and gets the perfect shine.”

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