Charles Courtier, Global CEO, MEC turns Editor for

Charles Courtier, Global CEO, MEC turns Editor for

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Sep 03,2010 8:11 AM

Charles Courtier, Global CEO, MEC turns Editor for

Charles Courtier, Global CEO, MEC, turned Guest Editor of on September 3. As Courtier guided the team on the pegs for stories and possible lead reports, in a conversation with team exchange4media, he shared his excitement on assuming this ‘new role’ and explained his thought process on some of the developments like Pizza Hut scouting for a social media partner, or the broadsheet versus compact newspaper formats in India or ESPN signing Big B as brand ambassador for Champions League...

When I first learnt about being the Guest Editor of, which is doing a fantastic job of delivering news and analysis on the media and advertising industry on a day-to-day basis, I was absolutely thrilled. I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

I realised that editing is quite a task – certainly not as easy as I thought it would be. But when I met the team and got talking to them, I was at ease. The exchange4media team was very well informed in comparison to some of the other international trade press that I have interacted with. In general, the trade press here in India is very strong and well-informed.

I noticed that the exchange4media Group has covered a huge range of stories across advertising, media and marketing domains. The team here takes its job very seriously with a lot of depth in reporting.

I have not visited India too often, but the recent past has seen me spending more time in markets that are driving growth for us globally, and India is one of those.

I arrived here on Tuesday, and it’s been a fabulous trip. Yesterday was a full day indeed, which I chose to dedicate to exchange4media. And it has been very fruitful.

I met our clients here, interacted with my team at MEC India. And now, I’m going back with some more understanding of how the trade press works in India.

Being the editor for the day, I concentrated on digital and social media story ideas, not because television and other ideas weren’t important. Television will continue to be important around the world. But the scenario around digital and social media is changing, and that, according to me, is the most important aspect. Social media has led to an incredible behavioural change in India. Facebook is so much popular here, and the number of social media users is increasing every day.

I would put India in the fast changing bracket along with much of the western world.

This was my first time ever of being a Guest Editor, and as I conclude, I don’t mind admitting that I would like to go through this experience again... of being part of an editorial team.

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