Centrefruit gum’s new TVC: Of wagging tongues and ‘human’ ATMs

Centrefruit gum’s new TVC: Of wagging tongues and ‘human’ ATMs

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Friday, Sep 21,2007 9:18 AM

Centrefruit gum’s new TVC: Of wagging tongues and ‘human’ ATMs

Perfetti Van Melle has taken the communication for its Centrefruit gum to the next level in a new TVC titled ‘Kaisi jeebh laplapayee’. The new commercial is a follow-up to their ‘Phonebooth’ commercial done last year.

The film has been created by Abhijit Avasthi, ECD, O&M, and produced by Corcoise Films. Prasoon Pandey has directed the commercial while the creative team comprised Jignesh Maniar and Kapil Sawant.

Elaborating on the strategy and challenges, Avasthi explained, “Centrefruit is a fruit-flavoured, liquid-filled gum. We didn’t want to make the communication fruit-centric as it makes the product look a bit kiddy. If you eat the product you’ll realise it’s got a lovely mouth-feel and one does quite enjoy chewing on it. As always we were looking for a creative idea that did justice to the product strength and stood out in the maze of advertising clutter. ‘Kaisi jeebh laplapaayee’, which you can translate as ‘Tongues want to play with it’ was an idea we felt was bang on. There were a couple of other scripts as well, but this is the one everyone in the team felt strongly about.”

The commercial begins with a Japanese tourist travelling through the Indian heartland. The tourist, who wants to draw money using his credit card, comes across a strange wooden contraption which seems to be a makeshift ‘ATM’. The Japanese guy asks an old man sitting next to the ATM how to operate the machine, who instructs him how to go about it.

As per the ‘instructions’, the tourist presses the digits ‘5001’ at which the old man gets up and opens a window where, to his shock, the Japanese sees a man sitting inside the ATM. As the lever is lifted the man in the machine starts wagging his tongue rapidly. Just then a tray with a stack of currency notes is elevated right in front of the man’s wagging tongue, which pushes the notes out of the ATM window. The tourist quickly starts collecting the money and leaves. The shot later closes on the man in the machine looking at a Centrefruit gum hanging above him.

On the promotional front, the agency is planning to have the campaign only on television. Avasthi said that other media activities were still being worked out. The commercial will be on air for a couple of weeks more.

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