Cello’s new ad campaign takes the long format route with time tested mother-daughter theme

Cello’s new ad campaign takes the long format route with time tested mother-daughter theme

Author | Sarmistha Neogy | Thursday, Dec 24,2015 8:17 AM

Cello’s new ad campaign takes the long format route with time tested mother-daughter theme

Cello has released their seven minute long digital film titled ‘Main Aur Maa’, which highlights the beautiful relationship between a mother and her daughter. The film conceptualised by Eggfirst Advertising manages to touch the emotional chord of the viewers.

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Creative strategy:

Speaking about the creative strategy, Ashish Banka, Senior Vice-President, Eggfirst advertising, said, “In the homeware communication we have observed that it doesn’t cross certain boundaries. Taking a cue from today's generation, we found that people have got so busy with their individual lives that they let crucial relationships flounder and stagnate. Most young people do not realize the value of key relationships in their lives- this gave us an opportunity to bring to the fore the concept that there still exist relationships that are living embodiments of a 'Companion for Life'. We have envisaged Cello as the quantifiable equivalent of a trusted companion in the modern woman’s hectic life, the one companion who will always be with her, even when the pace of life gets too hot to handle. The film showcases a sublime emotion- the selfless love of a mother for her daughter.”

Sharing the insight from the brand’s side, Gaurav Rathod, Director, Cello World, added “Cello as a brand, has been the torch-bearer for the Woman of Substance. As India gallops towards the new, mobile internet-driven scheme of things, certain things will forever remain unchanged, foremost being the transcendent mother-daughter bond. The film has beautifully captured the myriad nuances of the bond.”

Expert view:

Commenting on the ad film, Anshul Sushil, Co-founder at Boring Brands said, “The film is not that great, those who will be able to relate to it are either daughters or mothers. It is a very simple film with smart product integrations. The story is extremely predictable and it would have been better if the ending was a little unconventional. In the digital platform, stories that are unconventional tend to do better and have the potential to go viral.”

“However, it is actually good to see that brands are actually taking the long-format route. Being a first timer, I would say it is a good attempt, but it could have been better for sure,” he cited.

Swati Nathani, Business Head, Team Pumpkin elaborated, "It is a well-made video and those who will watch the entire seven minutes, will be able to relate to it. The portrayal of the characters is very realistic. However, I think the video is a bit too long to hold on to the viewer’s attention, especially for the internet audience.  We anyways see a lot of companies touching motherhood as a theme, and this video by Cello is no different and is likely to get forgotten or lost in the clutter. Besides, there is a lack of connectivity between the brand and the ad throughout the video, making its purpose very ambiguous. I would sum it up as a decent effort, but not something extraordinary.”

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