Cell 18 makes BILT Matrix notebooks to be the ‘write’ choice

Cell 18 makes BILT Matrix notebooks to be the ‘write’ choice

Author | Pallavi Goorha | Monday, Apr 14,2008 9:21 AM

Cell 18 makes BILT Matrix notebooks to be the ‘write’ choice

In an age of SMSes and reminders on cellphones and blogs and social networking sites, people rarely jot down notes or thoughts in a notebook. Cell 18, the creative division of Network18 Group, aims to bring back the romance of putting pen to paper via a series of three TVCs for client BILT Matrix notebooks. Lowe Delhi is the creative agency.

Zubin Driver, Director, Cell 18, explained, “The campaign takes a humorous look at the way reality shows overwhelm the viewer with multiple choices, thus illustrating the need for BILT Matrix notebooks. The three ads have three different themes covering different genres – from a documentary TV feel for cricket to a saas-bahu feel for the TV serial, to a lavish Bollywood production. The stories cover three topics which signify entertainment for a large segment of India – Bollywood, cricket and saas-bahu soaps.”

Driver further said, “The brief that we got from BILT Matrix was that the ads should be category breakers. And we have managed to make these films engaging and clever. It’s not regular advertising. In real time, it is creating interactivity between the TV set and the viewer.”

Anand Suspi, Unit Creative Director, Lowe, said, “The brief was to make people realise the importance of carrying a BILT Matrix notebook. The consumer insight is simple: If you don’t write down things, you are likely to forget them. These could be anything – addresses, phone numbers, instructions, minutes of meetings, etc. Hence, it’s useful to carry a BILT Matrix notebook always.”

He further said, “The campaign idea uses contests like the ones that keep running on most channels today. Who will be the next big star on Indian television? Which movie will be the next surprise hit of the year? The right answer will entail you to win an LCD TV. People get interested in the contest and want to respond. But by the time the contest details are over, the viewer will not remember some part of it, either the options or the phone numbers, etc., unless one jots them down.”

“The campaign is breaking on April 14 and will run across leading channels such as CNN-IBN, CNBC, STAR Plus, Zee TV, NDTV 24X7, Aaj Tak and Times Now. The print campaign is breaking in various newspapers soon. The campaign will also be used in below-the-line activities like POPs,” Suspi added.

“One sees a lot of good ideas on television. Most of them also require big budgets to come across as good looking. This is a very unusual idea that doesn’t require big bucks to make an impact. It’s simple, smart and highly insightful. It’s also an idea that can be carried on and on. Most importantly, it’s radical because it doesn’t just tell a story or make a point like most commercials do. It actually demonstrates the point in real time when someone is watching TV. That to me is breaking new ground. That to me is the kick,” Suspi asserted.

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