CavinKare moves fruit juice brand Maa from Bates 141 to Rediffusion Y&R

CavinKare moves fruit juice brand Maa from Bates 141 to Rediffusion Y&R

Author | Judy Franko | Thursday, May 13,2010 8:31 AM

CavinKare moves fruit juice brand Maa from Bates 141 to Rediffusion Y&R

CavinKare has appointed Rediffusion Y&R Chennai to develop the new communication campaign for its fruit juice brand Maa on a project basis. The development has been confirmed by Davinder Singh, Business Head - Beverages, CavinKare. The account was being handled by Bates 141 Chennai, which had bagged the business in March 2009.

Singh said, “We have engaged Rediffusion Y&R to do our new communication campaign starting from late April. We are moving out of the Agency on Record system by breaking our works into projects. Like the new communication campaign for brand Maa, which we handed to Rediffusion.”

CavinKare had invited several agencies to make presentations, and based on the presentations, decided to award the project to Rediffusion Y&R. According to Singh, Rediffusion understood their strategic intent and brought in good creative solution for that.

Singh believed that the project-based engagement was best suited to both the agency and to them and that was why they were moving towards that. He further said that the way their business was moving, the requirement of creative was not a regular thing.

The new campaign being crafted by Rediffusion Y&R will be a 360 degree one with specific brand idea. “There is a specific brand idea and our entire communication campaign will be based on that idea, Singh said.

When asked why they had chosen to work with an agency on project basis, Singh explained, “In our business, we don’t develop creatives on a month to month business. On the other hand, bulk of our creatives happen during a certain period of time. In that case, having an agency on record or on a retainer basis tends to be not a full utilisation of the resources in an efficient manner. So, from both the agency and our perspective that is not a well suited formula for our kind of requirement, whereas this project-based engagement is in line with our needs and, therefore, we are moving towards that.”

When asked how much they would be spending on this project, without quoting any figures, he said, “We will be subsequently issuing a proper communication to the media about the new campaign, where we will give all the details.”

CavinKare has expanded its distribution for fruit drink brand Maa. Beyond South, the brand is currently available in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Orissa. According to Singh, Maa was growing at rate that was higher than the industry growth rate. He said that while the fruit drink industry was growing at about 30-35 per cent, Maa was growing about 45-50 per cent.

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